Want exoticism, change, novelty or simply to have a good time in a travel destination that offers padel ?

“Traveling player”, far from your bases, after Tenerife et Salou, direction today: Seville and
its periphery.

And if vacations weren't ultimately: freedom, zero constraints, and a change of pace? How can we define the term vacation or even the vacation/sport combo?

Through this article, we encourage traveling players to padel to immerse yourself in Andalusian culture with of course a focus on: Seville.


History has shaped Seville and its outskirts

Nicknamed the city of 100 churches (or 100 bell towers), the pearl of Andalusia remains a European example of the marriage of civilizations: Arab then Christian (among others). The legacy of its yesteryear past fascinates travelers from all over the world because the buildings are so majestic, striking, even inspiring!

The Spanish Steps located not far from the historic center is regularly the entry point to this city which wakes up thanks to the glow of the end of the day, to the sound of carriages strolling peacefully, to the sound of the oars of the boats of the same square or to the musical notes distilled here and there by the birds wandering from the Maria Luisa Park, where they have taken up residence.

The Alcazar of Seville is, in our opinion, with the Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba (Cordoba), one of the top 5 discoveries in Andalusia. We would only recommend that you reserve your entry, and above all pay particular attention to fraudulent or parallel market sites. You will have to dedicate a beautiful half day to discovering the two aforementioned buildings: the Alcazar for the beauty of its buildings and its exteriors (gardens which inspired the HBO directors for Game of Thrones), the Cathedral Mosque for the outward journey -return to consider from Seville.

The Giralda, the city's cathedral (former minaret), which is also a nickname given to Seville, overlooks the historic center of the “Casco Antiguo”... Without entering it, contemplate it from afar from a rooftop, then approaching from small streets up to during a morning or end of day walk, there is no doubt that you will stop to take a beautiful souvenir photo. Let's not shy away from our pleasure by trusting that you will be able to take advantage of it to discover a local restaurant, or even a thirst-quenching ice cream for everyone.


At night: Iberian ham, paella and Andalusian sweetness of life…

French speakers particularly appreciate tapas and friendly “after sports” drinks: special moments shared around tasty dishes or simply a local drink (there is a choice) that will satisfy you. It's the second part of the day which begins once the sun has set, the Spaniards (and not just them) perhaps speak a little louder and the festivities can take place. It's still nice not to have to worry about going to dinner, even after 2:22 p.m.!

Land of Sevillana and cradle of Flamenco, you will not be surprised to see colorful dresses or well-tailored costumes performing meticulously rehearsed choreographies. Well, yes, holidays: it also means (for some) uncovering local folklore, in the noble sense of the term and then in the broader sense!


And what about sport in all this?

Land of football before being a land of padel, you will discover as soon as you arrive at the airport the green colors of Betis Seville with a replica of the players' bench. The city, like Madrid in Spain, has two football clubs in the first division, the most successful on a European scale remaining Sevilla FC. Football fans could therefore take advantage of a local stay to experience the Benito VIllamarin Stadium, or the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.

For other events, not necessarily just sports events, head to the Olympic Stadium where the P2 took place Premier Padel from April/May 2024. The gratin of padel international had already set up shop in Seville, several times in recent years, with A1 PADEL notably who had installed his ephemeral tracks under the majestic wooden mushrooms called the Setas De Sevillas. These large structures erected in 2011 remain a must-see in the city. Equipped with a museum and a viewpoint, this architectural feat is one of the most photographed buildings in the Andalusian capital.

If you feel the desire to live your passion for padel during a sporting stay, traveling player, we would be delighted to welcome you to Seville as part of a turnkey internship in a magnificent club with its fitness/physical preparation areas but also its swimming pool for regenerating sides!

All year round, experience the impulse to travel padel in Seville:

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