Juan Tello has a great time in Bordeaux with Fernando Belasteguin ! The Argentinian comes on our microphone to comment on various current topics, and even explains the origin of his nickname, “El Gato”!

Lots of people in Bordeaux

Premier Padel Bordeaux black and white public central track

“I am very happy to be in Bordeaux. We try to adapt to the conditions, between the balls and this black color, it's not easy, but I'm happy, we had some not easy matches but we put in the intensity, so we hope to continue like that and be there until Sunday, God willing!”

“Seed 1 is just a number. Today whether you are 1, 4 or 8 it doesn't change much because the matches are very balanced, the level has risen a lot and each match is a new story. We have to be at our best in every match and at the moment we're doing it very well, so I'm happy to have this level here in Bordeaux. I am also surprised because there were a lot of people from the first days and we hope that the few empty seats there were will be occupied during the next matches!”

Le padel, a sport that is becoming global

“I'm 29 years old, and having two children makes you age faster (laughs). I'm happy to see that there are now players coming from everywhere. I think there will be a very good future not only for young people from Argentina or Spain but also for young players from all over the world. I think I still have quite a few years left at the highest level so I hope I can compete against all these young players on the track.”

His nickname

“My father has light eyes, and we have always nicknamed him “El Gato” (the cat) in our town, because he is blond, has light eyes, he is a “gringo” as they say at home. We. He played basketball, tennis and I followed him everywhere, and people started calling me “the little kitten”. The kitten grew up, and now it's a cat! That's the real story. Afterwards some people say that they nickname me that for my jumps, for the way I move… but in reality it is in relation to my father.”

Happy for Fede

“I am very happy for him, to see the leap he has made. Today he is fighting for first place with Galan who is obviously an exceptional player. I'm very happy for Fede, to see everything he can do despite his size. He has incredible merit. I hope he can continue to fight for the top spot. I hope to face him too because it’s been a while since we’ve been face to face!”

chingotto galan argentina victory

The return of Chingotto / Tello?

“I hope that one day we can finish our career together. If it's before, perfect, I'll obviously be very happy. But today everyone is doing their own thing. I believe that this separation did us both good and I hope that one day we can come back together and finish this stage because the Tello / Chingotto pair lasted seven years and it was one of the best experiences of my life, of my career. So why not, but it will take some time before that happens.”

After Bela

Tello Belasteguin

“Obviously I'll be left without a partner when Bela stops, but it's not yet time to think about my future partner. There are still a lot of tournaments left, this sport has gone a little crazy with all these changes, so we will wait a bit. For the moment I'm with Bela, I want to continue learning from him, and I don't think about anything other than the team, about continuing to progress together, we played few tournaments together, so for At the moment I'm thinking about the present, and we'll see later who I'll play with next year.”

To see the interview in its entirety, it's just below!


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