Today duel between two rackets of padel very powerful top of the range: the Kelme Olimpica 2020 and the Babolat Viper Carbon 2020; two models for those who want heavy!


- On the one hand Kelme Olimpica : a high-end pala of versatile power with a large, teardrop-shaped sweet spot. Its frame is made of carbon, and it contains an eraser Eva Soft Ultra, a rather tender foam. It will bring you a good ball exit, comfort, without sacrificing precision.


The faces of this pala chosen by José Rico Dasi, Javi's brother, are in carbon 18k, which provides a drier touch and more power. The smooth paint is topped witha rough surface, which should give you a good mix between effects and ball speed.

- On the other side Babolat Viper Carbon, the signature model of Juan Lebron, probably the best smasher in the WPT. So we have a pala in the shape of guide, with the weight in mind and a rough surface for effects. The foam BlackEva brings a very good ball out.

This model who also conquered Bastien Blanqué is in Full Carbon for more power and therefore maximum efficiency with net and smash. A racket for attackers, which will not cause you any inconvenience thanks to its trident at the level of the heart, specially designed to reduce vibrations.


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