Let’s discover the journey of Kévin (known under the pseudonym “Kev Tatz” on social networks), a content creator dedicated to padel and tennis. Kévin shares with us his experience, his immersion in the world of padel, and reveals his ambitions as a player and content creator.

His love for padel

“I discovered the padel about five years ago during training which included a training course padel. At the time, I wasn't very interested in it, because my region lacked ski trails. padel. However, everything changed when I moved to Toulouse: that's where I really started playing. I even played my very first tournament game! Since that first tournament, I have never stopped playing, and now I am ranked 1191st in France this month.”

“I am convinced that in the long term, the padel will surpass tennis in popularity, in particular thanks to its ease of access and its fun side. My videos reflect this belief: I mainly focus on padel, although from time to time I also cover tennis tournaments.”

YouTube channel launch

“Three months after starting to play padel, I launched my Youtube channel. I realized that I spent a lot of time on the slopes, often participated in tournaments and was looking for partners. I always wanted to create content on a subject that fascinated me, and the padel became obvious. It was the perfect opportunity to share my passion and my experiences, and thus help other enthusiasts and players to discover this sport.

I had the chance to meet a lot of high level players. Even though I haven't made videos with all of them, I interacted with them during several tournaments, notably during the French Championships and the P2000. These meetings allowed me to learn more about the world of competition.”

His favorite video

“If I had to keep only one of my videos, it would be the one with Bastien Blanqué. Bastien was the first to trust me with a project.”

Kev Tatz and Bastien Blanque

Its objectives for 2024

“In 2024, my main goal is to catch up with other content creators who have recently gotten into the business. padel on Youtube. I want to produce quality videos to grow my channel. I was among the first with Julien Seurin to create content exclusively on the padel, and now I want to stand out by offering unique videos. I also aim to continue to highlight the new generation arriving in the padel, this year there will be several videos with young people on my channel.

Kev Tatz

My goal as a player is to get into the top 1 as quickly as possible. Last year I was held back by an ankle injury, but now I'm determined to make up for lost time! And on my channel I want to show the padel through immersive reporting.”

Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.