Present during the WPT Masters Final, Kristina Clément, Export Manager for the Nox brand, shares with us her 2021 assessment of the firm as well as the challenges that await her for 2022.

" The padel is exploding globally and this is reflected in terms of sales ”

Padel Magazine : The year 2021 is coming to an end, what assessment can Nox draw up?

Kristina Clément: "The year went very well, le padel is exploding globally and this is reflected in sales. We are forced to increase our production capacity very sharply, because demand is soaring in many countries in Europe and outside as well. It's difficult to meet all the demand, but let's say it's a good problem to have! We are very happy and we know that it should continue for a long time, because there are still many countries which should join the wagon of the padel. "

Padel Magazine : Precisely, speaking of Europe, what is the situation of Nox in the other continents? 

Kristina Clément: "South America is “taking off”, but since it is a zone “Historic” with Argentina, we are not going to talk about an explosion but rather about a new boom, a “Reboom” if you can call it that! In the United States, we know that the padel is very developed at the level of Miami, Florida etc .. but the US is still far from all that, and if it explodes there, it will be very beneficial for everyone. In Asia, for the moment there is still a lot to do, just like in Australia! ”

Padel Magazine : Can you tell us on which areas NOX will invest in 2022 to accelerate its development?

Kristina Clément: " First thing, we created a system called the SmartStrap. It's a very easy way to change your cord, especially when you sweat a lot or when the cord is worn out. We created this ingenious system, which in 10 seconds, allows you to change the strap. The straps can be personalized etc. without having to remove the cover which would make you lose the warranty of the pala.

At pala level, for the 2022 collection, we are the first brand to have the quality of our rackets certified by an independent laboratory. It is a laboratory based in Valencia to which we sent several units of each model and they tested everything: durability, bullet output, impact resistance. In addition, they verified that all the palas of the same model are perfectly identical, to avoid the existence of any difference between two palas of the same model during the purchase. "

"Our players play with rackets sold to the general public"

Padel Magazine : And concerning the palas themselves, have there been any changes compared to the 2021 range?

Kristina Clément: "We have the Luxury range that we wanted to dedicate to WPT players: Agustin Tapia, Miguel Lamperti and the Mapi & Majo Alayeto binoculars. Regarding the evolution of snowshoes, we have implemented special finishes, especially on Agustin Tapia's racket. (which he uses during these Master Finals): a Spin Plus technology finish which is 2-in-1, with varnish at the level of the logo and the use of a 3D relief, and then a matte finish with Silica sand (giving a more “rough” aspect to the pala) concerning the rest of the racket. On the one hand a focus on power and control (the varnish finish), and on the other a little more effects (silica sand finish)

La ML10 Procup which is our bestseller, has also seen its small update. We wanted it to be present in the Luxury range, we have also chose a Luxury mold and Miguel Lamperti notably finds that this new mold gives more power to the racquet. He tested it 2-3 months ago and he fell in love with it. He's only played with that one ever since! ”

Padel Magazine : What about the Ladies range? 

Kristina Clément: ”For Mapi & Majo, each wanted their own pala. A player on the right prefers the round shape, and a player on the left prefers the diamond shape, it's weird eh (laughs)! It's the same for the foam, a classic Mouse HR3 for Mapi and a Black EVA foam for Majo. We see that the characteristics of the players on the left and on the right are found in the models of rackets chosen. Because we remind: our players actually play with rackets sold to the general public, so we may be the only ones on the market!

The only thing the players ask for is a specific weight, Agustin and Miguelito like to play with 377 grams, but for the general public we stop at 375, that's the only difference! ”

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