The mark of padel NOX decides to enter the French-speaking market. Kristina Clément, the recent champion of padel of Cote d'Azur, today presents the brand that it is proud to represent.

"Nox has a story"

Nox is a great brand of padel Spanish which has been in existence for more than 7 years (created in Nov 2009).

Today, Nox is a well-known and recognized brand in the world of padel and is located in 5e position in the number of rackets sold per year with more 28.000 rackets (and even in 1er or 2eme position for racket segment around 180 €).

She managed to develop and integrate many clubs of padel. One of its characteristics: Its loyalty. Miguel Lamperti, the famous player of padel, is the perfect example.

“Nox a brand specialized in padel"

One of the great strengths of NOX is that it is a great specialist in padel. For now, NOX remains focused on its core business. The padel is its only stronghold.

Nox is therefore a brand exclusively dedicated to padel with quality products for all types of players.

The products sold are: Snowshoes, men's and women's textiles, padel, balls and accessories padel.

"A reputation that is second to none"

Nox is renowned as the best quality / price ratio on the padel, offering easy-to-play rackets, quality and specific cosmetics / design, an image linked to charismatic players like Miguel Lamperti, a young image.

By returning to the image of the brand. Miguel Lamperti is not only one of the best players in the world and perhaps the best striker in the world, but in terms of image, he is the first. He gives a lot during his matches and away. (Https: //

"Equipment designed in Spain"

Nox products are designed in Spain in the offices of Barcelona.

Nox rackets are divided into different series: Luxury / Pro / Full Carbon (made in Spain) / Legends / Advance / Beginners

The public selling prices for Nox rackets range from 68 € to 288 €.

For the luxury range, brings together the most advanced technologies, when other brands sell rackets equivalent to 400 euros or more.

The NOX rackets have palas that are among the best known and sold: the ML 10 and the Stinger.

"Unique technologies"

NOX technologies have been thought and reflected in Spain with its players. And since 2009.

Nox uses many clean technologies to offer a unique quality to every racket model. (see photo summary of Nox technologies)

"The team Padel NOX: An asset ”

The main NOX players of the World Padel Tour #TeamNox are:

At men's :

* the iconic and charismatic Miguel Lamperti

* the great hopes of Argentina: Franco Stupaczuk (semi-finalist WPT Barcelona), Federico Chingotto, Andres Brito.

In women:

* pair N ° 4: Gemma Triay and Lucia Sainz (finalist at WPT Barcelona 2017)

* Ariana Sanchez (19 years and winner of WPT Santander, first 2017 tournament)

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Official Nox representative for France:
Kristina CLEMENT (email:



Kristina Clément

Kristina Clément discovers the padel in July 2006 in his club in Cagnes-sur-Mer. Two years later, she played her world debut of padel… Who could believe it? Technician, tactician, Kristina offers you always detailed news.