Kuikma offers two teardrop-shaped racquets for expert players: the Hybrid Hard and the Hybrid Soft: comparison!

Hybrid = Versatility

Kuikma offers a total of six rackets for players of padel who are looking for a high end pala. There are three forms in all, each time with two hardnesses of foam: Soft or Hard.

La Hybrid line, shaped water drop, is located halfway between the Power (diamond) and the Precision (round). It is therefore intended for players who are looking for versatility.

The two palas that compose it share the same mold and several technologies. First of all, on the exterior faces, we find 4 layers of materials : it is first and foremost the assurance of having a resistant and durable racket. The last layer in rough 12k carbon will allow you to benefit from a good power and to accentuate the effects.

The double tubular carbon frame will give you sufficient rigidity when striking. If you add to this the TPU protector, you get a very good impact protection. The finishes are neat, including a padded wrist strap most comfortable!

Hybrid Hard

The Hybrid Hard, as the name suggests, has a foam BlackEVA high density. This allows to benefit from a large power on strong strikes, and many precision when placing the ball.

We are dealing with a manoeuvrable pala, which will allow the expert player to express all his potential thanks to its power, precision and versatility!

Pala Kuikma Hybrid Hard front view

Kuikma Hybrid Hard - 372g (+ -5)

Hybrid Soft

Lighter by 10 grams, and with a SoftEva foam, this Hybrid Soft is more suitable for players who need more flexibility. It will provide you with one more tolerance and comfort, as well as increased maneuverability.

If you are the type to appreciate a good bullet exit and to hit more with arm acceleration than with pure force, then this Hybrid Soft should please you. In short, we are dealing with a tolerant, manoeuvrable, comfortable pala, which absorbs vibrations well but does not lack punch when it comes to finishing!

Pala Kuikma Hybrid Soft front view

Kuikma Hybrid Soft - 362g (+ -5)


It is two palas are available on the Decathlon website, for € 89,99! Once again an impressive quality / price ratio!

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