Premier Padel arrives in Spain, and especially in Madrid, and on the occasion of this event Kuikma will have the privilege of being the official racket of the competition.

Moreover, for this tournament which will take place from August 1st to 6th, Kuikma will not have one official racket in particular, but a whole range! As you will have understood, this is the PR 990 range, used by professional players under contract with the brand.

As you will have understood, among these seven rackets, we find of course the Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Soft by Lucia Sainz but also the Kuikma PR 990 Power Hard, used by Maxi Sanchez.

For those who would like to see these little gems more closely, know that all these racquets will be visible at the brand's stand at the WiZink Center from the start of the competition!

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