Kuikma brings color to one of his most beloved palas by players of padel : the 990 Hybrid Soft arrives in pink version.

You know the Kuikma 990 Hybrid Soft, now discover the new Kuikma 990 Hybrid Soft Pink.

Very versatile thanks to its teardrop shape, this pala will offer you a perfect balance between power, control and comfort. Light (362g), it will allow you to gain in handling and precision.

The EVA Soft foam will bring you more tolerance and comfort. The sides which combine three layers of fiberglass topped with a thickness of 12k carbon will allow you to benefit from a good mix between ball output and power, and a great resistance. With its Twin Carbon Tube frame, you guarantee yourself an extended lifespan and excellent stability in your shots.

The rough coating that covers the faces will allow you to maximize the effects. Despite its mini price (100 € at Decathlon), we are dealing with a high level pala, with an aesthetic and neat details, like the TPU protector and this most comfortable wrist strap.

Kuikma Hybrid 990 Soft Rose 2021

Once again, Kuikma strikes very hard with this pala which has everything of a bestseller!


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