Each year, the specialist magazine Padel Spain, rewards players in the world of padel. Best equipment, players, social initiatives and clubs are elected by category by the readers. In 2021, more than 150 experts and fans of padel participated in the online vote. The various prizes were then awarded during a gala evening.

And in the snowshoes category, it's the Babolat air Viper which was crowned this year.

Babolat Air Viper 2021

The designs of the rackets of the Viper range have been developed from the observation of players of padel on the field and an in-depth study of the sport. By noting that, whatever their profile or their position on the court, each player seeks to win the point, Babolat identified three types of profiles: the technical attacker, the aerial attacker and the counter-attacker.

La Babolat Air Viper convinced readers to Padel Spain thanks to its technical characteristics. Significant work has been done on the materials used, the shape and the distribution of the holes to offer explosive power to the player. Particular attention has also been paid to the comfort of the racquet, ensuring maneuverability and shock absorption.

The tailor-made dimension offered by Babolat also appealed to fans of the discipline. While there is no perfect player or partner, each practitioner has their strengths and must take advantage of them. That's why the construction, use and shape of each racquet must be unique and meet the specific needs of players.

The Air Viper is the ideal racquet for a type of player that Babolat qualifies as an aerial attacker. Offensive and quick, he never misses a chance and constantly tries to get to the net.

Discover the new models Babolat 2022!

Babolat : the new Viper 2022 range

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