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The bandja: a whole program!
Indeed it is a specific hit padel; it takes time to put it in place.
  • Problem encountered at the padel:
    I am positioned on the fly and get a lob that I can not attack.
  • solution:
    The tape is a good way to keep the opponent at the bottom of the course by sending a cut ball directed towards the walls and therefore difficult to defend ....
  • The points to remember to make a bandja:
  1. Shift in relation to the trajectory of the ball
  2. open the supports
  3. make a blow that looks like a high volley of forehand.

Pierre Lamouré

Pierre Lamouré is one of the technical pillars of Padel Magazine. The founder of Upadel.net, regularly offers technical and tactical themes around padel. A question ? A demand ? do not hesitate to contact him at pierrelamoure@padelmagazine.fr