In this club that has existed since 1885, historical club 11 lands-800 members, the RTC Liège Padel club has decided to embark on the big padel bath by proposing the new activity more and more trendy in Belgium: The padel.

« Modernism accompanies this historic club »

This panoramic padel field is the beginning of a ' beautiful adventure around the padel Explains Philippe Cerfont, head of the padel at the RTCL.

« We are planning to bring 2 to 3 additional covered or semi-covered fields. The already built terrain has already allowed us to have 10 new external members Says Philippe.

If the club already has new licensees, it is not a priority with a field. " We want to privilege our members of the club because with a field, we are limited. We already see that the attractiveness of the terrain does not allow us to do more ».

"The padel is very interesting for our sponsors".

The padel brings the sponsors to the RTCL. This trendy sport, modern in a historic club is explosive cocktail ... At the opening, the brands were numerous to support the development of the padel.

The other asset of the padel in Wallonia is his sports policy and Philippe Cerfont pays tribute to this dynamic policy. " Our great luck and advantage are the subsidies offered by the Walloon government which promotes the sport and can subsidize up to 75% of a sports project »

When some countries want to tax at 75%, others subsidize 75% to boost and develop an activity. This is the case of the Walloon government.

A project that is still in its infancy ...

This padel pitch has been totally paid for by private individuals. "No time to wait, we wanted to play before the holidays "Explains the head of the club padel.

If the government helps, there is a lot of red tape. We can not have everything anyway!

« For the rest of the sports project, we will not pass "infrasport" which is the branch of the Walloon government that deals with sports infrastructure and who can grant these grants including the second stage including the coverage of 2 3 additional padel fields ».

« In terms of price, we are on a year discovered. For less than 200 € in addition to the membership of the club (about 400 €), you can play padel unlimitedly ».

Keep our status of "privileged club" and "club spirit"

There is an interview with Philippe Cerfon: Michel, we need to put padel in our club.

Tennis is not what it was. We had to find an alternative. The padel came at the right time. The Rebound with a complementary sport. The padel seemed a very good complement.

We will redo the parking. We will offer other padel courts but covered.

We have more than the conformation of the Walloon region to launch the construction of 2 or 3 padel covered or semi-covered.

We are a private club. The padel will have to bow to this private club tradition. Our priority is the club member. Therefore, we will offer facilities to club members to play padel. New padel members will have to become a member of the club.

This club is the image of my adventure in this club since my father was this club for 23 years. And I am too. There is a real family spirit. That's the spirit of the club.

In Belgium, other padel clubs arrive

David Vanrechem, one of the managers of the Padel Club Belgium, has made this weekend bring 4 tops players:

  • Dante Gustavo luchetti
  • Mario Doncel Cabrera
  • Antonio Sanchis
  • Juan Antonio Senent

David announces that Belgium is only in its infancy, since other clubs should see the day soon. " We should at least put a dozen paddle pitches by the end of the year ". Next year looks even more dynamic. David goes on to explain that "the sale of padel pitches is expected to double next year. In Belgium, we are really at a key moment. The padel is gradually becoming fashionable sport.

"Today, unlike 2 years ago, tennis clubs all know the padel. It makes things easier and they are often applicants and open to validate a sports project with padel ».

"To develop and promote this sport, we rely on a very dynamic association called Padel Events. "

Thanks to this, ephemeral services thanks to a mobile ground makes it possible to propose padel everywhere and in all conditions » adds Rodolphe borlée, one of the leaders of Padel Events.

Padel Attitude and Padel Sensation « helps boost the Belgian paddle »

Padel Attitude and Padel Sensation, the two Lille clubs, helped boost the padel in Belgium « since today, we are many to cross the border to play in its superb structures ».

The Belgian paddle is well and truly launched.

Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.