The Black Crown FREE 2016 paddle racket offers comfort and control rarely equaled.

The grip is fast and we will show through this test that it is a particular racket to put in the hands of the defenders.

Our impressions:

Let me be clear: This is a light racquet. Players looking for a heavy and powerful racket, go your way. With a weight of 360 to 365 grams and a balanced scale, this Black Crown is perfectly manoeuvrable and ready for use.

From the first shots, you will understand that comfort is one of the strongest strengths of this racket. Some will talk about a compromise between control and power, but it's clearly a racket of defenders.

The characteristics of the racket:

The FREE padel racket is a round pala. So yes some players will say that it is slightly shaped "tear" offering a point of significant power. At the level of the slice (the Profile), the classic 38 mm.

Regarding the frame, here are the characteristics:

  • Inner core: High density EVA rubber with low average hardness.
  • Outer core: 3 very resistant fiberglass sheets.
  • Double tubular frame with 80% carbon.

FREE black crown technical sheet

In the end, the frame is rather flexible and it is what offers to a large extent the comfort of the frame and the racket.

On the Design part:

The racket padel Black Crown FREE has a rather peculiar color, at least one that we rarely see used: a mix between green and yellow with the logo and the different patterns that we are used to seeing on a Black Crown.

Tastes and colors are indisputable, but Black Crown has rarely offered particular designs. Here it is a unique color like its other models. Each color refers to a specific model and game. Easy no?

The behavior of the racket:

racket-padel-black-crown-free 2016The handling is quick and smooth. Its strong points are: Handling and pleasant handling.

The FREE is the Black Crown model that is clearly aimed at players with preferences for defensive phases.

With a medium balance, its rather low weight, a low density foam, we have a racket that offers benefits while in control. The counters are in the ropes of the racket.

By scratching a bit, you will realize that ball exits are widely possible with this racquet. It hangs well!

In attack, his behavior is pretty good, although do not expect either a racket ultra powerful. One of the advantages of this racket is the virtual absence of vibration during bullet holes. The foam cash well smashs or tapejas.


You will find this racket between 160 € and 180 €.

A racket used by professional players

It is a racket used by top players worldwide. Uri Botello n ° 26 worldwide and José Antonio Diestro n ° 25 worldwide use the new Black Crown FREE 2016 racket.

The other models of the brand:

We talked about it before, the 2016 models from Black Crown have it all. Between the DARK (in blue), the WINNER (in black), the FREE and the JET (in pink), there is something for all types of players.

black crown paddle racket models

The other players of the Black Crown team

Adrián Allemandi, Adrián Bliglieri, Enric Sanmartí, Marta Marrero, Ana Fernández de Osso, Sandra Hernández, etc.


Black Crown Free is a very versatile racket that will suit both competition players and players in the development phase. Thanks to the EVA rubber and the use of fiberglass on the racquet head, the racket-ball impact will be comfortable and the ideal kick zone wider.


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.