The "Contrapared" is the defense against the wall. It is used most often as a defense to try to push opponents to the net. Not always obvious Then privilege "the ball in bell".


You are on the fly and receive a lob of low speed that bounces a little before the line and may die at the bottom of the course.


It is therefore quite possible to hit the ball on your own back wall as high as possible to return your opponents (who are mounted on the fly) as far as possible.

In forehand or backhand, it's a technically simple gesture.

Some recommendations, however:

This blow is not only done with the strength of the arm, the legs have an important role.

  • To flex well
  • Give a boost to the top
  • Hit the ball flat, finishing the gesture very high
  • The impact of the ball against the wall must be as high as possible
  • Quickly resume the defense position to fight back in case of a smash.

Good training and very quickly,

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