It may sound paradoxical, but the numbers don't lie. Since the health crisis, the padel is booming. On any level, the padel is growing strongly!

Increasing demand

Many snowshoe brands are out of stock. After so much time away from classes, players want to be ready at all levels, and of course they need palas worthy of their level! Equipment sales are a good indicator that the padel continues its development and that the players have not abandoned this practice, on the contrary!

Snowshoeing Head Delta Hybrid, Alpha Pro and Gamma

As for land builders, it's a bit the same thing: some cannot keep up with demand because the supply is so great. Private and public clubs are created and / or bring a new activity to their complexes for the resumption of indoor sport scheduled for June 9. It is an index allowing to demonstrate that the padel is developing in a significant way in France.

Stars as a vector of dissemination

Finally, there are always more and more players! The number of practitioners is exploding across Europe. And the new players who test the padel are all won over and they will become more or less regular players. This will increase the demand for snowshoes, courts etc. It must be said that throughout the period of sanitary restrictions, the padel outdoors has allowed, thanks to its playful side, many sportsmen deprived of their activity to be able to continue to let off steam and have fun!

He has also been able to delight influencers in sport as well. The personalities do not stop multiplying the proofs of love for this activity. A practice which many stars of tennis, football and television have seized.

When we talk about television and racket sport, we all think of Hanouna who promotes the padel as soon as possible. But another celebrity even created an incredible private infrastructure in Sweden: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And he's not the only footballer addicted to padel : between Beckham, Deschamps, Totti, and more recently Zidane, the former stars of the round ball are pinching for the little yellow ball!

zidane padel winwin padel

Former (and current) top tennis players are not left out. We are of course thinking of Thomas Johansson, Jonas Björkman, Arnaud Di Pasquale, David Goffin or Arnaud Clément who have decided to invest fully in this sport. Other players like Kim Clijters, Olivier Rochus or Gaël Monfils do not hide their love for the padel, which is obviously excellent for its development!

Alexis Dutour

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