For the third consecutive year, the Monte-Carlo International Sport company is organizing the “Fabrice Pastor Cup”, the South American circuit of padel in three countries: Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

The circuit beyond continuing to support the development of padel internationally, the Fabrice Paster Cup will allow some players to participate like last year in the Master du World Padel Tour : The Monte Carlo Padel Master.

Monegasque player and entrepreneur Fabrice Pastor is organizing three tournaments in South America, where the best players in the world will be present for the “Final round”, the famous final stages of the circuit.

An abandoned lady circuit

The three tournaments will take place this year only in the men's category. The ladies' events will therefore not take place. Note that the Fabrice Pastor Cup had nevertheless made efforts in previous years, unfortunately the cost would be too high compared to "the return of the public". The ladies events may well be highlighted, especially during the Monte Carlo Padel Master, the padel Even though it is a mixed sport, women's competition is difficult to take is an evil that goes beyond the framework of the Fabrice Padel Cup

The competition starts in Chile

The tour will begin in the Chilean capital, Santiago, from 20 to February 26 at Club Palestino.

The following week, from March 1 to 5, will take place the second tournament on Argentine territory at the Racket Club, a historic sports complex in Buenos Aires. This event will also count for the Argentine circuit (AJPP) of the Association of Padel from Argentina.

The last tournament will take place in the city of Porto Alegre (Brazil) on the weekend of March 16-19. It will also be part of the local Brazilian calendar, the Cobrapa (Brazilian Confederation of Padel); the event will take place at the club PadelPro.

The prices: A stage of the WPT + Transports

As in previous years, the winning pairs will also receive prizes and prize money, the opportunity to participate in a stage of the professional circuit with the cost of transportation, accommodation and meals paid.

We remember that last year during the Monte Carlo Padel Master, the young Argentinian team Chingotto / Tello had almost created a huge surprise by leveling off against world number 2 Paquito / Sanyo.

The objective of Monegasque society is to encourage young pairs from other countries to join the professional circuit of padel (The World Padel Tour). This also allowed Brazilian player Lucas Campagnolo (who will play this year with Martin Di Nenno), or Chilean Javier Valdés, to be able to play this season on the professional circuit.

Exhibition with the best

As part of the tournament in Buenos Aires, a "Final Round" will take place. On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March, tops players of the pro circuit will participate in an exhibition tournament.

Subsequently, several players from the Monte-Carlo International Sports delegation will travel to Spain to participate in the XXXIII Spanish Team Championship with the brand new Monte Carlo-Entrena team. Padel.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.