The French Tennis Federation is pleased to announce that it has just reached 1 members. The figure for the end of the 115/000 sports season has already been exceeded (the 2022/2023 sports season ended on August 2022, 2023 with 31 members)! This result confirms the public's real enthusiasm for tennis, padel or even beach tennis in France. The FFT has not recorded such a number of licensees since 2012. 

The FFT recorded an increase of 5,62% in licensees compared to last year and of 11,07% compared to the 2022 season (on the same date). Among the total number of licenses, there are 1 multi-racquet licenses and 006 licenses Padel (91% increase compared to last year). 

The number of licensees is increasing equally between men and women, with a 10% increase among adults.

A new pickleball license

The FFT intends to continue to attract new licensees and continue this dynamic. It therefore offers those who wish to test one of the FFT disciplines or practice it again, a “discovery” license allowing them to play for three months at the price of €3. 

At the next start of the 2024/25 sports year, the FFT will also offer a pickleball license, in order to support this new practice which has recently been integrated into the FFT statutes. This license will allow you to participate in competitions and have a ranking in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Launch of the new promotional campaign

On the occasion of the Roland-Garros tournament, the FFT is launching its new promotional campaign, which is available on different media (film and visuals). This aims to attract new practitioners, particularly young people and the female public. Through the film, the FFT has chosen a strong message: tennis allows you to become the best version of yourself. In order to support this statement, the FFT has decided to highlight players gifted with superpowers. 

This campaign has been broadcast in the aisles of the Roland-Garros stadium since the start of Opening Week and on France Télévisions channels since May 26. It will be deployed until the next sports year.