The official announcement was expected, it arrived this Friday evening, on the eve of the resumption of racket sports. The followers of padel will be able to practice their passion outdoors and semi-covered from tomorrow.

The resumption of padel outdoors and semi-covered

La FFT confirms the proposals of its President Bernard Giudicelli and announce the “Resumption of activities on courts and outdoor fields (courts and outdoor and sub-yards), for minors and adults" since the Saturday November 28.

“Clubs must strictly adhere to this health protocol.

This authorization is understood within a travel limit of 20km around the home and lasting 3 hours.

Club shops may reopen, but bar activities and restaurants will be closed, except take-out. "

Additional health rules

The FFT recommends in particular to appoint a COVID referent within each club.

Regarding practitioners, “barrier gestures on the court” are detailed. The doors of the courts must remain open, the handshakes are replaced by a sign of the racket, the players must return to the court with the mask and can remove it during the rally, the changes of sides are made in the direction of the Clockwise…

For those who would like to read the entire protocol, this is HERE

A final doubt all the same?

Since beginning of this story, There is always a small grain of sand which disturbed the good word. Precisely, a passage from the press release leaves hover one last doubt :

”Attention must also be paid to the decisions of local public authorities. We therefore invite you to remain attentive to the government decree and to the publications of the ministry in charge of sports, which will be broadcast from Saturday, November 28, 2020 ″

Even elsewhere, Internet users have drawn attention to the doubles in tennis which seemed difficult to apply to padel...

"Doubles practice is permitted subject to a minimum distance of 2 meters between players during the game."

Indeed, it is difficult to see how to keep permanently two meters away from your partner at padel !

Fortunately, the Ministry of Sports has retweeted the FFT protocol, so we can still be serene and say that tomorrow we can find our clubs padel outdoor and semi-covered!


Tweet Ministry of Sports FFT


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