The new management body of the FFT met the FIP, with its new President, Gilles Moretton. With this initiative, the FFT wants to clearly indicate its positions vis-à-vis the padel. Indeed, she clearly wishes to develop this discipline.

Last week, Luigi Carraro came to Paris to discuss with the FFT to know the intentions of the new management at the level of the padel and discover the process she wants to put in place to develop this sport.

FIP and FFT development meeting padel in France and internationally

The strong men of padel French spoke with the President of the FIP around the issue of support for clubs padel.

In addition, they discussed the training course of the coaches of padel French to help raise the level of coaches in the future.

Finally, the competition was at the heart of the round table. Indeed, the FFT wishes to receive more FIP tournaments on its territory.

The FFT clearly indicates its desire to develop the padel in France. Indeed, it appointed a director of Padel, through Arnaud Di Pasquale. This is already a step forward towards the goal of democratizing this discipline.

It will therefore be interesting to know the outcome of this meeting, and to see the positive developments that it could have on the padel French.



source: FIP

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