In these world championships of padel by team in Portugal, The French men's and women's teams finished 11th and 9th.

Our French qualified for the next world

The French had rather badly started their team world in Portugal last week.

Set in a complicated hen composed of Mexico and Spain, the blue had no choice but to win against Mexico to reach the final stages of the competition. However, France will finally lose 2 matches to 1 against Mexican women.

Against Spain, the big favorite of the competition that will honor its status by winning the competition again later, France can do nothing, to the point of taking only one game on the 3 matches made ...

But they finally manage to end these championships on a positive note. They first win their matches against the Chileans (3/0) then achieve very good matches by finishing Belgium (2/1) in the final decisive match: 6/4 7/6. France finished 9th out of 12, and thus obtained automatic qualification for the next edition of the World Championships of padel by team.

Disappointment gentlemen side

On the other hand, their male counterparts were a little disappointed, even if they too ended with good matches and a big win against Germany won 3 / 0.

Placed in a rather balanced pool with Paraguay, Belgium and Italy, the Blues had the opportunity to appear well in this pool C and thus avoid the great nations of the padel during a possible confrontation in the final phase.

But the French could not take advantage of this open pool by finishing third with two defeats and regrets against Paraguay (2-1) then Italy (2-1) and a victory against Belgium (3-0) .

In classification matches, despite the disillusion, France is reborn from its ashes to achieve very good performances. First against the United States, which it combats 3-0 but also despite the 2/1 defeat, against Portugal, one of the best world nations who fell in the group of death (With Brazil and Spain ) where France did not go far from the feat. Finally, against Germany, France achieved a faultless beating 3/0.

With this 11e place on 16, they will have to go through qualifying to have the right to return to this level of competition.

In the end, among the ladies, Spain keeps its title by beating Argentina 3-0. For the men, it is Argentina that renews its title by beating Spain 2-1 after the pair Sanyo / Belasteguin (ARG) in match 2 has saved the nation to 3e set by returning to 5 everywhere after being conducted 5 / 4 and break in favor of Spain.

The results :

Group matches:
Mexico - France: 2-1
Spain - France: 3-0
3e of the hen

Classification matches:
France - Chile: 3-0
France - Belgium: 2-1

Group matches:
Paraguay - France: 2-1
France - Belgium: 3-0
Italy - France: 2-1
3e of the hen

Classification Matches :
France - USA: 3-0
France - Portugal: 1-2
France - Germany: 3-0

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.