These padel world championships definitely have a special flavor, warm under the sun of Cascais in Portugal. Our French have managed to achieve as much in the ladies than in the men of the games of madness ... Return on this day muy caliente!

Qualified for the next world

Even if probably, the French were hoping for better in this world, they achieved an exceptional finish, notably with matches against Belgium which will remain in people's minds. The other good news: The French will be directly qualified for the finals of the next world championships. padel by team finishing 9th. Before obtaining this sesame, it will take a lot of tenacity for our French to obtain it.


France decided to put in 1, Godard / Sorel to open the ball. Judicious choice when you know the importance of winning the first game to put the team in confidence for the future ... In front of them, a Belgian pair already known French: Stevens / Berenger. Dangerous and regular pair. The experience of Godard / Sorel pays because it limits the mistakes in the hot moments and succeeds in some big points to allow to prevail in the tie-break of the second set. Final score: 6 / 4 7 / 6

In match 2, France again aligns the pair Ginier / Collombon. In front of her, another Belgian pair already known to the French: Hitimana / Bernard. It was the Belgian No. 1 pair who honored their status by beating our pair by the severe score of 6/2 6/4. In the second set, however, we could expect a turnaround. But consistency in this game was the key to winning. And in this game, the Belgians were better.

The 3e match was the decisive match not to be missed. Still a wise choice of the captain since in match 3, France posts the pair n ° 1 French:

Casanova / Clergue. In front of her, the pair n ° 2 belgian: Wyckaert / Laurent. We thought France saved because the Belgian pair had already been beaten the year


during the European Championships… But in the end it was far from being a long quiet river. Quite the contrary. The Belgian team had a huge match, posing very big problems for the French. If the French win the first set 6/4 and then lead in the start of the first set, we believe that “France is goingr explains Jessica Ginier, player of the France team. But the Belgian pair is reborn from the ashes to deliver a terrible fight until the tie-break against the French. In mind, our champions of France Padel 2015 and 2016, Casanova / Clergue bring back to France its direct ticket for the next world.

France arrives 9e of the world on 12 pairs engaged in this world. The main is acquired: The qualification for the world.

Hard hard for the French, but what a show!

At the men's, we saw one of the greatest moments of the padel world, with a direct confrontation: France Vs Portugal.

As for the ladies, France had to prevail over Portugal to hope to validate its direct ticket to the next world. If the end result is not the one expected, the show was just "completely loco".

Recall, however, that Portugal was at this stage of the competition for the place of 9e because he had been in the group of death composed of Brazil and Spain and he had arrived 3e as France ... Portugal is unquestionably part of the world's top 5. Also remember that Portugal has decided not to play his pair No. 1: Rocha / Oliveira. The Portuguese captain decided to preserve it in view of the finale of the world pair the next day (called here the Open). Faced with France, the pairs 2, 3 and 4.

For starters, France relied on the pair Moreau / Ritz to win the first point to France. Except that in front ... It was neither more nor less than the pair 2 Portuguese: Pascoal / Silva. Vasco Pascoal is the world number 101 and we could see the damage he has done in the French ranks. Final score: 6 / 0 6 / 0. Hard defeat but revealing gaps between our best French players with players of the top 100 world ...


In match 2, Scatena / Haziza, the reigning French champions against the Portuguese pair Santos / Plantier. Players that we already know, in particular Santos since he had already distinguished himself at the old historic club of Aix-en-Provence: The Set Club. In the first set, Scatena / Haziza made a solid and encouraging start as she obtained several break points. But it is impossible for France to make them happen. The discussions are long and we hear the audience gradually revving up. France wins the first set 7/6. In the second set, this is almost a copy of the second, with plenty of opportunities for France to fold the set before the tie-break to no avail. Robin Haziza, nicknamed “the Expert's Paw”, succeeds in some magnificent “touch” shots of which he has the secret while Jérémy Scatena “The Gunner” will send some missiles which will finally make the Portuguese bend in the tie-break of the second set. Final victory: 7/6 7/6.

laurent-Bensadoun-World-paddle-2016The pair Bensadoun / Lapouge set up for the first time in the competition then had to play the game 3: The decisive match to send them in the footsteps of an 9e place. Against France, a very playful and dangerous Portuguese pair: Bastos / Schaefer. The pair Lapouge / Bensadoun was just phenomenal, offering a game that could have capsized the Portuguese ship. Already in the first set, France has some opportunities to return to the game. She loses the set 6 / 4. But in the second, she is in front. France is holding his break. But at 4 / 2 France, Portugal pushes and breaks. The French and Portuguese public is boiling. We also feel the Portuguese captain wondering if the choice to preserve the 1 team was good ... At the end of a match of very high quality from both teams, Portugal won the final 6 / 4 7 / 5 ... Portugal will play against Belgium for 9e ... She is obviously the big favorite against Belgium.

Team de France de paddle-2016

France still has one game to play against Germany at 13h30. The ambition for France to win and arrive 11e. On paper, France will be very much favorite over Germany. Germany lost in their previous round against Belgium, team that France had beaten in a pool match.

Let France wind up and we'll have plenty of time to analyze this beautiful week after.

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