Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will carry out daily a zoom on a league and its representatives for the French championships of padel au Padel Lyon Club (Padel Central).  The Côte Basque Béarn Landes league is under siege.

cbbl boy

1 / Fitness trail

Justin GARNIER (JG): I have been playing tennis since I was 8, played my first tournaments at the age of 10. I have been in the second series since I was 15 and am currently ranked 2/6, my best ranking to date. I am versatile and like to practice many sports, I have also studied 3 years university in Staps.

Franck BINISTI (FB): I reached my best tennis ranking at 15/1, and 2D in squash (French top 250). I had to temporarily give up sports practice, following a snowboard accident and a big back problem. The padel gives me great sensations and does not require superhuman efforts, which I greatly appreciate.

2 / The discovery of Padel

JG: I discovered this sport in 2008, when I lived in Spain in Barcelona at the Réal Polo Club de Barcelona, ​​host club for WPT events and many professionals.

FB: Seven years ago, at the Club des Pyramides, the first in the region to embark on padel !

3 / Experience and Goals

JG: I played regularly at padel during 2 years in Spain, when I returned to France, in 2011 I could not continue, for lack of structures. In September 2012, date coinciding with the opening of the padel in Laval, I resumed intensively.

I belong to a group of 7 or 8 players who practice steadily from 2012, 1 to 3 times a week.
Le padel occupies a very important place in my life because I am passionate about the game itself and its development. I participate in a maximum of tournaments, even if the displacement is important. I sometimes go to Spain to polish my game with the locals.

This summer I also took the instructor diploma of padel , recognized by the Argentine and International Federation of Padel. I am also a member of France Padel Pro, association created by Franck Binisti which organizes match-exhibitions as well as training courses for tennis players and coaches.

I will also give lessons in padel at the start of the 2015 school year at the Spot In club padel Rennes.

FB: I am very sick of this sport: the padel occupies a large part of my free time, and also, it should be noted, a part of my busy time.

I hold the monitor of padel of the Spanish Federation.

4 / Which club?

JG: I train regularly in the sport in park of Laval.
FB: I don´t play in a particular club.

My practice is limited, except when I'm traveling for Padel Magazine or for other tournaments.

5 / Your partner?

JG: I have been playing with Franck since the summer of 2015 and the regional qualifications of the CBBL league.

We do not train often together because he lives in Paris and I in Rennes.

However, we won the Lille tournament together in August 2015.

FB: We started together during the regional phases in the CBBL league (Basque coast) in August 2015. Our last experience dates from August - September 2015 for the Lille tournament.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

JG: It was difficult to participate in the regional league because our respective leagues (Brittany - and Yvelines for Franck) did not organize regional phases!

We had to make a transfer to play the qualification in the league cbbl (Basque coast).

Short side, we spent the quarterfinals and semi-finals 2 sets, the final was very hooked and we won the super tie-break, having been led 4 / 1.

FB: We played good pairs, and the matches were played, especially in the final, where we were down by one set. The club padel de Saint Jean Luz is magnificent.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

JG: It's hard to say because we don't know the tournament format.

A semi-final would be a great result!

I know most of the teams and the favorites are for me: Haziza / Scatena, Carité / Salles and Boulade / Ferrandez.
FB: There is a good chance that we are not seeded, we risk playing in the first round against favorites.

It's still a game, we fear no one!

There are clearly pairs above the rest, my favorites: Haziza / Scatena or Boulade / Ferrandez.

The pairs that will face them in the first laps will have no luck.

8 / Message for opponents

FB: Smile when you play and open your EYES! (they will recognize each other 😉

Jerome Becasset

Jérôme Béasset is the Paquito Navarro of the team Padel Magazine. Offensive on all subjects of the world of padel, he returns to many subjects with an always discerning eye.