Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will carry out a daily zoom on a league and its representatives for the French padel championships in Padel Lyon Club (Padel Central). The Côte Basque Béarn Landes league is under siege.

cbbl boy

1 / Fitness trail

Justin GARNIER (JG): I play tennis since my 8 years, played my first tournaments at the age of 10 years. I evolve in second series since my 15 years and am currently ranked 2 / 6, my best ranking in date. I am versatile and enjoy many sports, I have studied 3 university years in Staps.

Franck BINISTI (FB): I reached my best tennis ranking at 15 / 1, and 2D squash (top French 250). I had to temporarily give up the sport, following a snowboard accident and a big back problem. The padel gives me great sensations and does not require superhuman efforts, which I really appreciate.

2 / The discovery of Padel

JG: I discovered this sport in 2008, when I lived in Spain in Barcelona Real Polo Club of Barcelona, ​​WPT host club and many professionals.

FB: 7 years ago, at the Pyramids Club, the first in the region to get into the padel!

3 / Experience and Goals

JG: I played regularly padel during 2 years in Spain, when I returned to France, in 2011 I could not continue, lack of structures. In September 2012, date coinciding with the opening of the padel center in Laval, I resumed intensively.

I belong to a group of 7 or 8 players who practice steadily from 2012, 1 to 3 times a week.
The padel occupies a very important place in my life because I am passionate about the game in itself and by its development. I participate in a maximum of tournaments, even if the displacement is important. I sometimes go to Spain to polish my game with locals.

This summer I also passed the diploma of padel instructor, recognized by the Argentinian and International Federation of Padel. I am also a member of France Padel Pro, association created by Franck Binisti which organizes match-exhibitions as well as training courses for tennis players and coaches.

I will also give padel lessons at 2015 at the Spot In padel club in Rennes.

FB: I am a big patient of this sport: the padel occupies a big part of my free time, and also, it must be specified, part of my busy time.

I hold the padel monitorat of the Spanish Federation.

4 / Which club?

JG: I train regularly at the Laval sport in park.
FB: I do not evolve in a particular club.

My practice is limited, except when I'm traveling for Padel Magazine or for other tournaments.

5 / Your partner?

JG: I've been playing with Franck since 2015 summer and the CBBL league regional qualifications.

We do not train often together because he lives in Paris and I in Rennes.

However, we won the Lille tournament together in August 2015.

FB: We started together during the regional phases in the league CBBL (Basque coast) in August 2015. Our last experience dates from August - September2015 for the tournament Lille.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

JG: It was difficult to participate in the regional league because our respective leagues (Brittany - and Yvelines for Franck) did not organize regional phases!

We had to make a transfer to play the qualification in the league cbbl (Basque coast).

Short side, we spent the quarterfinals and semi-finals 2 sets, the final was very hooked and we won the super tie-break, having been led 4 / 1.

FB: we played good pairs, and the games were played, especially in the final, where we were led by a set. The padel club of Saint Jean Luz is beautiful.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

JG: It's hard to say because we do not know the format of the tournament.

A semi-final would be a very good result!

I know most of the teams and the favorites are for me: Haziza / Scatena, Carité / Salles and Boulade / Ferrandez.
FB: There is a good chance that we are not seeded, we risk playing in the first round against favorites.

It's still a game, we do not fear anyone!

There are clearly some pairs above the lot, my favorites: Haziza / Scatena or Boulade / Ferrandez.

The pairs that will face them in the first laps will have no luck.

8 / Message for opponents

FB: Smile when you play and open the EYES! (they will recognize each other 😉

Jerome Becasset

Jérôme Béasset is the Paquito Navarro of the team Padel Magazine. Offensive on all subjects of the padel world, he returns to many subjects with an ever-shrewd eye.