Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will carry out daily a zoom on a league and its representatives for the French championships of padel au Padel Lyon Club (Padel Central).  The league of Guyenne sift.

1 / Fitness trail

Mélanie URVOY (MU): I play tennis since the age of 7 years. Between 2010 and 2014, I evolved into university sports, in the United States. Since my return to France, I participate in very few competitions.

Alexa LAFITTE (AL): Discovery of tennis at the age of 9 at the Tennis Club de Bordeaux, a club in which I have been teaching for several years. Current ranking: 15/3 (best ranking: 1/6). I no longer play competitive tennis, except for interclub. In the past, I took part in several French tennis championships (½ final 3rd series in 94 and 2003).
I practice beach tennis in competition, and have participated in 2 French championships. I currently occupy the positions N ° 51 national and N ° 238 ITF.

2 / The discovery of Padel

MU: I discovered the padel in 2014, TC Bordeaux.

AL: Discovery of padel at the Bordeaux Tennis club during the construction of the court in September 2014

3 / Experience and Goals

MU: I am very inexperienced, for me, the padel is a hobby and a sport that I really enjoy.

AL: No experience in the practice of this sport, my first games go back to the regional championship.

4 / Which club?

MU and AL: TC Bordeaux

5 / Your partner?

MU and AL: We are playing together for the tennis interclub and we have decided to play the regional qualifications of Padel.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

MU and AL: Few female pairs registered, but nevertheless, the good mood was there.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

MU: Uh… have fun and… win a meeting?

the level of the tournament is unknown it is difficult to have precise objectives. I don't know anyone's level so I'm suspicious of everyone!

AL: Win at least the 1st round. But since we do not know the level, it is very difficult to envisage anything. The main objective is above all to have fun and have a good time on the pitch with my partner.

8 / Message for opponents

MU: Have mercy and let us win a match!

AL: May the best win!

1 / Fitness trail

Raphaël OUVRARD (RO): I have been playing tennis since a very young age. I am ranked 15, and have been teaching for 4 years. Occasionally, I practice squash, badminton and table tennis.

Grégory MONGE (GM): I have been playing tennis since I was very young but I have never enjoyed individual competitions, more attracted by team matches. The padel is played in doubles and that suits me perfectly!

2 / The discovery of Padel

RO and GM: I discovered the padel in 2014 during the installation of a field in our club, the Tennis Club of Bordeaux.

3 / Experience and Goals

RO: I play an average of 2 hours a week, it's a sport rich in emotions, without a doubt. I hope to progress and participate in other tournaments.

GM: After a year of practice, my experience is limited, let's take stock after this competition!

4 / Which club?

RO and GM: The Bordeaux Tennis Club.

5 / Your partner?

RO: We've been playing together for a year. We know each other well and our levels are close.

GM: We've been playing together regularly for a year. We get along well off the slopes and complement each other on the pitch. Raphaël is also the only player able to support me!

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

RO: The qualifying phases went well.

GM: Good since we are qualified!

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

RO: Go as far as possible, play well and have fun. In the longer term I intend to win tournaments and of course improve by playing against new opponents. I do not know the other participants of the final tournament, the level will undoubtedly be high.

GM: It's hard for me to project myself, because I don't know the other pairs.

8 / Message for opponents

RO: Long live it padel !

Philippe DESMOND - Project manager for new practices (Beach tennis and Padel)

1 / League league proceedings

We recognize that the regional phases were organized in an emergency, in June 2015 with 2 women's teams and 6 men's teams registered.

The participants keep a good memory of the event, a gray area on the board: we have not received any feedback from the private structures which knew of the existence of the regional championship, and did not send any players to compete for the qualifying place.

2 / Positioning the league

For now, we consider the Padel as a tool for development, retention and modernization for the FFT, just like beach tennis.

3 / Help, actions and upcoming events

Only one club organizes tournaments (recently approved), TC Bordeaux.

Currently, we need to contact the private clubs again to speed up their FFT Enrollment Request.

4 / Who to contact?

Myself, Philippe Desmond

Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard
Jerome Becasset

Jérôme Béasset is the Paquito Navarro of the team Padel Magazine. Offensive on all subjects of the world of padel, he returns to many subjects with an always discerning eye.