Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will carry out daily a zoom on a league and its representatives for the French championships of padel au Padel Lyon Club (Padel Central).  The league of Guyenne sift.

1 / Fitness trail

Séverine HUET (SH): I started tennis at the age of 6 in Châteaubriand (44). I have been licensed from the Laval Tennis Club for 10 years. My best ranking was 15 and am currently 15/3. I played in Nationale 2 at AS Patton (35).

Mallory PREEL (MP): I have been playing tennis since I was 10 years old. I started competing at 11 and have never stopped. I trained at the tennis club of Condé sur Sarthe (61). For professional reasons, in 2011 I joined the Laval tennis Club (53). I am ranked 15/3, my best ranking to date.

2 / The discovery of Padel

SH: Discovery of padel 4 years ago with a friend who lives in the South of France.

MP: First game in Laval (53), 3 years ago, with my tennis team partners.

3 / Experience and Goals

SH: I have played ten times padel. Sportingly, I practice padel occasionally. I would like to play more regularly in the future.

MP: I played a dozen times at padel to practice a different racket sport with my tennis partners. The padel will remain a hobby for me.

4 / Which club?

SH and MP: We play Sport In Park in Laval (53).

5 / Your partner?

SH and MP: We played for the 1st time in competition at the Regional Championships. We have since done some training.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

SH and MP: We qualified quite easily because we were only 2 teams. We appreciated being able to then confront each other in a friendly manner with male pairs.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

SH and MP: We are aware that the level is high compared to ours. Our goal will be to have fun throughout the competition. We are delighted to be able to discover the padel high level. We don't know any of our opponents.

8 / Message for opponents

SH and MP: “Be indulgent with the Mayennaises!”

1 / Fitness trail

Samuel DEVRAND (SD): Ranked 5/6 in tennis, ex-3/6 and BE instructor, however, I do not teach tennis.

Simon BOISSE (SB): I played football, volleyball and basketball at regional level.

And of course 26 years of tennis with the best ranking 1/6. Coming from the Pays de la Loire such as TSONGA, MAHUT and VASSELIN, the latter inflicted a 6/0 6/0 on my first regional individual championship.

2 / The discovery of Padel

SD: Following the installation of the 3 courts in Laval in 2012, with an initiation given by Cédric Carité.

SB: I discovered the padel in Laval, where the first indoor structure in FRANCE was created in October 2012. Justin Garnier, friend and partner in various tournaments had told me about it since he taught tennis in Barcelona, ​​he played occasionally.

3 / Experience and Goals

SD: I play once or twice a week with Simon, Justin Garnier (also qualified) and 1 other second tennis series from Laval.

SB: As a tennis teacher for 11 years, I still take great pleasure in training young people in this sport.

As a player this is different, because the requirement and the constraints that tennis demands each year to maintain or achieve a better ranking no longer suited me, I also found in the padel a wealth of situations that tennis does not provide.

I regret that I am not Spanish! The padel has obviously taken a very important place in my daily sporting and professional life since I recently assumed the sporting responsibility of the structure of my beginnings “padelistics ”.

I place my hopes on my son and hope to see him become one of the best players in the discipline in France, and play tournaments with him.

4 / Which club?

SD and SB: Sport in Park Laval.

5 / Your partner?

SD: We are 5-6 regular players in Laval, Simon and I are licensed at Bourny Laval while the other players are licensed in Brittany.

SB: Licensed in the same club as me, Samuel started the adventure padel 3 years ago. He is therefore my partner or opponent on a daily basis. The French championships are only our second competition together.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

SD: the regional qualifications were held in Laval on July 25 with a dozen teams. During our course, we discarded in the beaten semi-final a pair composed of a 0 and number 80 French tennis.

SB: Unlike the French championship, our ambition was to be the Pays de la Loire champion. We have a head start on tennis players who have started recently

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

SD: Go as far as possible in the tournament (1/8 or 1/4 final) and discover the high level of France, with its best players. I don't know much about the other good French players despite 2-3 tournaments “out of our land”.

My favourites ? Maybe Carité or Haziza / Scatena… I don't really know the others!

SB: The ambitions are modest and geared towards the need to play correctly and to provide your partner with the encouragement and motivation necessary not to miss an event like this one.

The Haziza / Scatena pair

8 / Message for opponents

SD: I am left-handed !!!

Anne-Marie CLAIRET - Coordinator Development Advisor

1 / League league proceedings

Organized on Sunday 26 July on 3 short, 12 men's and 2 women's teams, it was a great moment of satisfaction for all.

2 / Positioning the league

Like any sporting activity, there is a leisure side and a sporting side.

3 / Help, actions and upcoming events

Inauguration of the grounds of Vertou (Center of league) in the spring, organization of the regional championship on Sunday 24 July with sectorized phases if the number of registrations allows it.

4 / Who to contact?

We do not yet have a referent padel.

Jerome Becasset

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