Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will daily zoom in on a league and its representatives for the French Padel Championships at the Padel Club in Lyon (Padel Central). The league Tennis Picardie is under siege.

picardie boy

1 / Fitness trail

Benjamin KOSIR (BK): I started tennis at the age of 7 years, reached the 3 / 6 and made this passion my job since I am working today for the Picardie Tennis League and the Committee of the Tennis Court as Territorial Sports Advisor. I also regularly practice mountain biking, running ... and padel course!

Eric QUILLET MONCHIET (EQM): I started tennis at the age of 2 years with my father, then at the age of 5 years in club. My best ranking was -15.

2 / The discovery of Padel

BK: We started padel with Eric QUILLET (my partner) in October 2014 at the Amiens Multiball Center (the only padel court on Amiens).

EQM: With Benjamin (my partner), we discovered padel in October 2014, thanks to the publicity made by the FFT. Luckily, there is a field in Amiens (Multiball, with our friend JP Chevrier).

3 / Experience and Goals

BK: It's been a year now since we played padel. We started the competition in January 2015. I would say that compared to many teams, we are still "young" in the world of Padel, we are very motivated and I think we have a good margin of progress in front of us. Today the padel holds an important place in my sports life to the extent that regardless of the result, it gives me a lot of pleasure (and I think it's essential).

MQ: We only have a few months of experience at the padel, but being a tennis player makes learning the game easier.
The padel has become "THE" sport that I like to practice, with inevitably desires to make some results.

4 / Which club?

BK: We play at the Amiens Multiball Center which is run by our friend (and coach ...) JP Chevrier

EQM: We are in Amiens, at the MULTIBALL club, a multi racket center created and managed by Jean-Pierre CHEVRIER, a paddle buff. He taught us the basics of the game, he became a friend now.

5 / Your partner?

BK: We started the competition in January 2015. Why did you choose Eric? good question ... I'm still looking 😉 No I'm kidding of course! First Eric and I work together for the Tennis League of Picardy, we are friends and especially our styles of games complement each other perfectly ... but I will not say more on this point.

EQM: We play seriously since January 2015, doing competitions when our professional schedule allows us.
Why did you choose Benjamin KOSIR as a partner? Very good question, myself I do not know (laughs). More seriously, because we are coworkers, friends, and we discovered this sport together, at the same time. We each have our own style of play, and chance makes things right, we complement each other well for this sport. It's a real pleasure to play with Benj, and I hope to play with him as long as possible.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

Everything went very well. We qualified relatively easily. To regret that there were no more teams but it was a first and no doubt there will be more teams in the coming years!

MSE: The regional phases took place in Amiens, at the MULTIBALL center. A dozen teams were registered. First a group phase and then a final table.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

BK: For me, the priority is to take pleasure and it is by taking pleasure in playing padel that we can hope to have results ... and not the opposite! Overall, we have much less experience and experience than most teams can we be able to create surprise?

We are new in padel and so we know few players ... but we do not fear anyone! I think the title will be played between teams who already have a strong experience in the padel ... We know that there is no logic in the sport, but it is an experienced team that should prevail .

MSE: It's hard to say, it's an emerging sport, with time differences depending on the region. Frankly, we'll see, the goal is to have fun, give everything, play our best padel, we will take stock at the end of the championship. Thanks to the various tournaments we played, we are starting to know some good players, but we are not afraid of anyone. Our experience in the tennis world allows us to have a fairly serene approach. The padel is a sport in which everyone can beat everyone.

For the prognosis, no idea, perhaps Picardy (laughs). No, probably a Southeast team, where padel has been practiced for a few years now.

8 / Message for opponents

BK: Prudence

EQM: Watch out for you guys, the grocer and the butcher arrive!

Jerome Becasset

Jérôme Béasset is the Paquito Navarro of the team Padel Magazine. Offensive on all topics of the padel world, he comes back on many topics with an ever-attentive eye.