Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will daily zoom in on a league and its representatives for the French Padel Championships at the Padel Club in Lyon (Padel Central).  The league Tennis Val de Marne is under siege.

valdemarne boys

1 / Fitness trail

Fabien VEBER (FV): I played football from the age of 5 until I was 25. I started tennis at 11, and obtained my best ranking (5/6) and the Brevet d'Etat tennis at 21.

Fabrice ORTIZ (FO): My sporting career is essentially based on football, tennis is for me a complementary and recreational sport.

2 / The discovery of Padel

FV: In September 2014 at the opening of the Parkfutbol center in Servon.

FO: I discovered the Padel in 2009 in Alicante, Spain, with friends.

3 / Experience and Goals

FV: After a few weeks of discovery, I have been playing regularly since February 2015. The padel almost replaced all the other sports I played. My goal is to catch up with Loic Le Panse (qualified in the Essonne league).

FO: My experience is limited to that of a player who has practiced padel during his summer vacation, with some victories in second category Spanish tournaments. Currently this sport occupies a more important place than in the past since from now on I can practice it not far from my home, and counts on a group of players of very good level.

4 / Which club?

FV and FO: Parkfutbol Servon

5 / Your partner?

FV: We've been playing together since February 2015 because he's the only one who agreed to play with me when I started!

FO: I started playing with my partner in December 2014. And the question of choice did not really arise, it happened naturally, as it was obvious. Our games completed quickly and it is a pleasure to play with a partner like Fabien. He's the kind of person we like to share the third half with.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

FV: On a Saturday with 8 teams

FO: We didn't have too much trouble qualifying with my partner. I take this opportunity to thank the organizers, Fabien Timbert from the Val de Marne league, but also Manu and Francisco Legret from the Parkfutbol in Servon.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

FV: Beat the lesser known and don't take too big a beating against the references !! I know some pairs, but don't fear any! My favorites: Haziza / Scatena

FO: To perform as well as possible and to have fun playing against good teams. In the longer term, I would like to help develop this sport on the national territory, technically or commercially. I know a few teams from the South of France thanks to some videos from the internet, and also the Ruiz / Le Panse pair who will represent Essonne. I don't fear any but respect them all!

Logically, the winners should come out of one of the leagues in the South, made up of more competitive and more experienced pairs than those in the North.

8 / Message for opponents

FV: If you follow us for the aperitif, the matches will be more balanced!

FO: Good tournament and good finals everyone.

valdemarne league





Referent: F. TIMBERT, Development Advisor

1 / League league proceedings

1 qualifying phase organized outside 94 department (at Servon 77)

10 Men's Teams + 1 Women's Team. Low participation. It is necessary to densify the communication. The participating pairs were delighted

2 / Positioning the league

In our league, the padel is considered as a complementary activity to tennis, already present. Let us beware of the phenomenon of competition between the two activities.

3 / Help, actions and upcoming events

Develop the regional championship, and think about other promotional actions.

4 / Who to contact?

No DTR for the moment, I am the referent padel for the league.

Jerome Becasset

Jérôme Béasset is the Paquito Navarro of the team Padel Magazine. Offensive on all subjects of the world of padel, he returns to many subjects with an always discerning eye.