Fede Chingotto launches a very beautiful social project, called “Chingoland“. Argentinian player from World Padel Tour will therefore launch a project that will help, through the padel, many people in need.



Always engaged in the fight against inequalities, Fede Chingotto wanted to structure its commitment around a project. Aware of the difficulties he had to go through to achieve his status, the Argentinian wishes to build a structure of padel who can help the inhabitants of his hometown, Olavarria.

The new center, about which we do not yet have much information, will offer several services such as a high performance center, a school of padel for children and adults, a large gym, a restaurant, and much more.

Favorite on the WPT according to Seba Nerone, Chingotto wish to return to padel what he brought her. The project is launched.


source: Padelspain.net

Lorenzo Lecci López

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