The new StarVie 2024 range of palas has arrived!

They have just arrived: the StarVie palas are making a comeback for this new year coming up. In addition to the all new Kenta Eternal, many new features await the brand's historic rackets. Short presentation.

Kenta Eternal

We already told you about it, this is the brand new pala from the Spanish brand. Round in shape, it promises maximum maneuverability. Equipped with the brand's newest technologies, it has the bridge Geo Bridge, rough pattern Hex Tech or even anti-vibration grip neon. This pala is available in three different versions: Kenta Pro, Kenta Speed ​​and Kenta.

La Kenta Pro and its hard foam will be perfect for players looking for precision and power. For its part, the Kenta Speed will have very soft foam, for greater comfort in the game. La Kenta “classic” will offer the perfect mix of its two big sisters.

Now time for a well-known range of the brand: the Tritón.


The Tritón are one of the brand's emblematic palas. Worn by Javi Garrido, these palas, which are the most powerful of the brand, have been available in three ranges. We find the “classic” Tritón, the Tritón Pro and the Tritón Speed.

La Triton Pro, shaped like a drop of water, has an eraser Pro 50. With this rigid foam, it offers maximum power and precision. We also find the technology Full Plane Effect, allowing sharper effects to be given to the ball. Its handle has been lengthened by one centimeter, to offer more comfort to players with a two-handed backhand. It is also equipped with new technology noene for less vibration at the time of impact.

If the Triton Speed owns a majority of the technologies of the Triton Pro, it differs in terms of the rubber used. The foam Ultra Speed ​​Soft offers a more comfortable touch and superior ball release. More flexible, this racket will be the best ally for players looking for a pala that is both powerful and very comfortable.

La Triton, for its part, will be the perfect mix between Speed ​​and Pro. While maintaining great flexibility, this pala will offer maximum power. Vibrations will always be reduced by the grip noene. It will be ideal for smashers who still want to maintain a certain flexibility.


Like the two ranges presented above, the Aquila range has three palas: the Speed, the Pro and the “classic”. Its design catches the eye, with the use of fluorescent green on part of the pala.

THEAquila Pro will be ideal for attacking players. Thanks to its eraser Pro 50, it offers power and precision to high-level players. It has a 100% composition 3K Carbon both on the faces and in the frame of the racket. With technology Power Balance, weight distribution is optimized.

The Aquila Speed ​​and its foam Ultra Speed ​​Soft offer real comfort when typing. Less rigid than the Aquila Pro, it will allow more flexibility to the player, while maintaining power when hitting.

The “standard” Aquila has a density rubber Soft 30. It offers a good compromise between the Pro and the Speed, offering comfort, power and optimized ball release.


For players who want to progress with their racket, the Titania range is made for you. It is designed specifically for players seeking control.

La Titania Pro, round in shape, is ideal for people looking for control, precision and power. Its foam Pro 50 allows you to find that happy medium. It has a 100% composition 3K carbon in the faces and frame of the racket. The roughness of the sieve allows for even more spin in the ball.

La Titania Speed uses foam for its part Ultra Speed ​​Soft. The other big difference with the Titania Pro is in the composition of the sieve. We find the fiberglass, ever more flexible for even more comfort when playing.

The Titania is composed of 3K carbon in the frame and 100% fiberglass on the faces. This mixture allows for a softer touch at the moment of impact with the ball. Its foam Soft 30 offers a good compromise between the comfort of the Ultra Speed ​​Soft and the rigidity of the Pro 50.


This year, the Metheora range is available in two models: the “classic” Metheora and the Metheora Dual. Each has its own design, which gives us two rackets that are very different visually and in the style of play they offer.

La Metheora Dual takes its name from its foam Dual Density. This pala adapts to any type of shot, offering comfortable sensations in slow shots and providing more explosiveness in fast and offensive shots. Technology Noene Inside in the handle considerably reduces the vibrations of the racket during play.

La Metheora, for his part, finds the rubber Soft 30 classic that offers a good balance between power and control. Apart from that, they benefit from the same technologies as the Metheora Dual.


This is one of StarVie's flagship palas. The Astrum has been Beatriz Gonzalez's racquet for several seasons. With its round shape, the Astrum allows great control over the ball, while maintaining maximum sensation. Its particularity is to use a double layer of 3K carbon on the sides. The racket is therefore hardened, which considerably increases the power of the shots. It is combined with a foam Soft 30, which increases ball exit.

La Basalto

The Basalto range, worn by Coki Nieto, exists in two models. On one side, we find the Basalto Pro. And on the other, the “standard” Basalto.

La Basalto Pro is a versatile racket, designed for advanced players. With its foam Pro 50, it offers power and precision. The composition of its headpiece changes compared to the brand's other rackets since it has a mixture of basalt fiber and 3K Carbon on the sieve, providing increased durability and strength. The grip also benefits from the new technology of the Spanish brand: the Noene Inside.

The only big difference between the Basalto Pro and the “classic” Basalto is the foam used. In the standard version, we find the foam Soft 30, designed to increase comfort during the game. It also recovers all the technologies of the Basalto Pro.

The Dronos Speed

La Dronos Speed is a racket designed for players who want touch on the ball, control and speed in their game. Its foam Ultra Speed ​​Soft allows maximum comfort and excellent ball release and its 100% composition 3K carbon in the head and the frame of the racket offers greater rigidity which will allow you to be comfortable when finishing points.

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