The President of la Toupie Bleue, Remi Collat, and the coach Julien Bondia explain all the internship services of padel turnkey they offer!

Rémi Collat ​​and Julien Bondia present the annual stay offer padel de la Toupie Bleue in Tenerife in the form of a video question answer (in Spanish with English subtitles).

For French, find the whole discussion just below:


Remi Collat: Hello everyone ! I am currently in Tenerife with Julien Bondia!

Julien Bondia: Hola! Hello everyone and welcome here on the island!

Remi:  Julien, if you want to introduce yourself please?

Julien:  Well i'm a coach padel. I take care of all the educational part ”padel" for La Toupie Bleue here on Tenerife.

Remi: Perfect. Now if you don't mind, let's talk about packages that we offer in our turnkey solutions here in Tenerife.

Julien: In terms of proposals padel, you find up to three different levels of play per session. The outsiders who ask us must be reassured: our courses do not follow a pre-established framework, defined upstream. No, on the contrary, we systematically adapt our courses to the people who join us. The first few days, we determine the level of play of each one in order to give you the best advice for the development of your game.

Our will is to give you the “weapons” so that you can be armed when you return home, to your country, to your club.

Remi:  So three different levels of play per stage, it is well noted, for groups of how many people?

Julien: We can accommodate from individuals to small groups of a maximum of 6 people per internship period. What we are looking for above all is to offer the most individualized stays / courses possible. We are like a small family here, together in Tenerife with Rémi. We absolutely want to avoid “mass” stays.

Remi: And in terms of length of stay?

Julien:  As far as we are concerned, there is no minimum or maximum duration ! We can welcome you over a weekend, over a week, ten days or even two weeks. We have no problem with that, we adapt. We see ourselves as “Tailor-made sports craftsmen”.

Come regardless of your level of play and tell us what your expectations are.

Remi: Our courses are therefore available in two clubs in the south of the island. Can you tell us a little more.

Julien: Absolutely, our bases are located in the southern (western) tip of the island. We have an incredible level of sunshine!

We are working on two clubs in the south: the larger of the two has 7 tracks. The second is more confidential, family-friendly with its 4 tracks … Its environment is super pleasant, very typical of the Canaries, close to equestrian facilities, tennis courts.

Remi: These two clubs are really located a stone's throw from the South Airport ...

Julien:  Exactly, you will reach all accommodation in 20 minutes maximum from the airport. And the nearest club is even a 5-minute drive from the airport.

We looked for strategically located places.

Remi: Perfect ! Apart from the padel, what extra do we include in our packages?

Julien: Obviously the padel a and will have a central place in our proposals. It is true that with the exceptional weather that we have all year round, it is difficult not to be tempted to discover the sea, the mountains or the forests of the island! Nature lovers will be delighted : a lot of trekking outings, mountain biking outings (electric or not)… There is no shortage of nautical activities such as surfing, diving, jetskiing!

Rémi has a wide range of sports possibilities, do not hesitate to ask him for this.

Blue Spinning Top photo A

Remi: Indeed, ask us, we will answer your requests ! As Julien says, you have a multitude of possibilities to integrate into your stays here in Tenerife, in addition to the traditional services related to accommodation, breakfast ...

Julien: It's up to you to ask us but first of all, never forget that out of habit here, after a good game of padel or after a busy day, you should know how to enjoy a good “very cold” beer.

Rémi : You said it all ! Thank you very much for your attention. We are waiting for you in this Tenerife destination all year round!

Julien: Exactly, see you soon!

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