La City of Paris proposed in 2015/2016 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, rue Castagnary, a call for projects on the site of square Castagnary. 

A complicated area that the City of Paris and in particular the town hall of the 15th district would like to enhance.

In 2016, after the announcement that the tender had been won by UCPA, many private players criticized “the methods for choosing an actor who is not an actor like any other".

Setbacks that make people talk

With the setbacks of the town hall of the 15th to bring this project to fruition and, more surprisingly, the announcement of a doubling of the initial budget to build this club of padelears are ringing among private actors who were interested in the site at the time.

We are talking abouta 1,6 million euros project. Do you realize? 

we are explained behind the scenes.

As is often the case with overpowered administrations / associations, the private actors who provide us with this information prefer to hide their identity.

We are trying to respond to other calls for tenders. And therefore, it is very difficult for us to get in the way of the City of Paris.

But we are furious.

The actors of the private sector are killing themselves to respond to the slightest grievances of the City of Paris, and we see the UCPA grilling us politeness with an economically eccentric project, to remain polite.

Tell us that the UCPA or powerful associations that have the support of town halls are part of the calls for tenders. And I promise you that the tender will be useless since they will be alone. 

Paris Padel Castagnary UCPA

An economically eccentric project

A temporary lease of 5 years and an investment of more than 800 euros for 000 plots of padel semi indoor, including 2 single. This was what was originally planned. And we must admit, we can understand the private actors who see the project get bogged down, resume, get bogged down, resume ...

Why waste us time and money if the City of Paris approves a project that has no economic logic? 

Why didn't you tell us earlier? The City of Paris is using us and we are fed up with this treatment.

Why does the City of Paris ask us in the specifications to propose a serious project economically if it is to validate a project of 800 euros ... for a sports project that takes the risk of losing everything after 000 years. 

New rebound a few days ago during a neighborhood meeting (Paris 15) since we learn that the project is “tnews days" but that "the budget will be doubled".

It did not take more to react actors who prefer to make fun of the situation:

Already it was nonsense. So what more can we say, other than to laugh at it all?

We should sue the City of Paris.

But time is precious to us and we don't have the budgets to put a law firm on this injustice. 

Castagnary padel Paris ucpa overview

For sport, for padel, But "respect private actors"

Actors who are “for the Castagnary project“, But who want to denounce the undersides of the calls for tenders and show their incomprehension between“ lspeeches where we are told that there will be more justice”And reality“ owhere we are used to give meaning to a call for tenders that is in reality completely biased from the start".

Obviously we would like to see this project finally succeed. We are in the sport and we know that the area is complicated for many reasons. 

We do not criticize the projects and even the administrative absurdities of which the UCPA is certainly itself a victim.

We criticize the conditions of the call for tenders which are both very harsh and very time consuming for us. We try to stay in the nails. And then it is an association which has a power of strike that no actor has which prevails.

It does not meet one of the pillars of the specifications which is to propose an economically viable project over 5 years ... and we go from 800 euros to 000 million euros for finally 1,6 real sites of padel.

Everything is absurd.

A right of reply is requested from the City of Paris.

Photos: UCPA

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.