On the eve of the first matches on Capitol Square, Claude Baigts, Tournament Director officially launched the 10e edition of the Padel Open de France at the Toulouse City Hall and took advantage of this moment to launch the European association of clubs padel .

The French Open: A story

The history of the padel Open de France starts in 1992 in Blagnac on the old courts of the French Federation of Padel. It will be necessary to wait for 1993, so that the Open of France rhymes with place of the Capitol in Toulouse.

The prestigious players who came to register their records for the tournament are just the best players in the world with Alajandro Lassaigues, Roby Gatticker, Auguste, Reca, Rovaletti, Neroné, Diaz, Belasteguin for the Argentine armada. Pablo Semprun, Chema Montes or the imposing Gutierres for Spain and among the ladies how not to mention the Argentines Bacigalupo, Costagliola and the Spaniards Maria Silva, Iciar Montes or Navarro.

Extract from Claude Baigts' speech:

  • Companies and the big padel family

The French Open Place du Capitole in Toulouse are non-stop meetings from Friday 9 a.m. to Sunday 17 p.m. but it is also:

« 40 companies who will be able to present to the numerous public (20 000 people / days) their know-how, they will be able to work together in the spaces that we reserved for them and to constitute the first link of the Club Sports Region which strong of its 1000 members will put all in work to make sport the identity vector of the new Occitan Region.

The French Open is also by tradition the moment to reunite the big family of padel. In 1993, the first edition of the French Open of padel, I had announced that in 2000, we would organize Place du Capitole in Toulouse the V Mondial, we did it; 160 players, 60 players representing 13 nations fought for a week on the 3 already panoramic courts. »

  • Creation of the European Association of Paddle Clubs (AECP)

"This year we are pleased to announce the creation of  European Association of Padel Clubs (AECP) at the initiative of Padel Andalou Clubs and Toulouse Padel Club.

AECP, whose administrative headquarters are in Toulouse and the Sports headquarters at Club de Valls in Torre Del Mar has already appointed its two supervisors Pierre Lamourré in Valls; for Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy; Cédric Carrité for France, Belgium, Austria, England, Germany and Sweden.

The Principality of Monaco presents at the Open de France in the person of the President of the Monegasque Federation Philippe Sassier and The Principality of Andorra have clearly positioned themselves.

AECP will launch the European Paddle Club Championship (EQFC) by a Go-Return match, each club being composed of 2 men's teams + 1 alternate and 2 women's teams + 1 substitute. Each club will also present: 2 mixed teams with mandatory participation of substitutes. "

  • Calendar: January to May 2017: finals at the Valls club in Torre Del Mar

"And then we have to plan for 2017 and the 11th edition of the French Open will take place on September 8, 9, 10 on the Place Du Capitole in Toulouse: 32 mixed teams will be selected from the biggest clubs in padel global."

Pierre Lamouré

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