We thought we had seen everything in 2020 (global pandemic, containment, etc.) and thought that 2021 would bode well… Unfortunately, it was without counting all the side effects of this unprecedented crisis.

Indeed after several months of inactivity for a large part of the planet, world markets have struggled to recover when activity has picked up again.

Currently, one of the main obstacles to growth in the world is the shortage of raw materials.

An unbalanced market

The sector that is suffering the most at the moment is the building sector. The demand has become stronger than the supply which has implied an increase in purchasing costs and a constantly decreasing availability of products.

Wood and plywood are subject to quotas, there are no longer pallets to transport the goods and PVC resin is becoming increasingly scarce, not to mention other materials such as steel.

And as we all know, the scarcity of products increases their price.

Unfortunately, this situation does not only affect builders and companies in the construction sector. Indeed, manufacturers and distributors are fighting to have the raw material to produce their goods. We note that a lack of containers from China, the world's largest exporter, has led to a delay in imports into Europe and the United States.

Le padel do not deviate from the rule

Over the past year, the discipline has gained more and more followers and the number of emerging projects continues to increase.
Le padel is experiencing a historic boom and the demand for land construction has exploded all over the world.

In Italy alone, more than 3000 courts have been built this past year!

This boom took all manufacturers by surprise and it is now impossible for them to meet the deadlines announced at the start of the work. Not to mention that prices are starting to soar ...

In an interview with Olivier LaurentCEO Padel International we were able to take stock of the problem. Indeed he confided to us that "Some builders could no longer complete the sites for lack of goods and some are even unable to accept new contracts".
Something unimaginable two years ago.

Today a land of padel may see its price increase by 5 000 euros in the world market.

It should also be taken into account that some countries, such as India for example, have not yet started their economic recovery and when they restart, this shortage of raw materials will be further accentuated ...

Unfortunately all the indicators tend to be red and over the next few years, the price of padel should continue to climb ...

Sebastien Carrasco

Fan of padel and of Spanish origin, the padel runs through my veins. Very happy to share with you my passion through the world reference of padel : Padel Magazine.