Le Master of Las Vegas de l 'APT Padel Take the Tour, who had to argue about 10 at 16 may, will finally play out August 30 to September 6. As the health situation is still unstable, visas are delayed.

The tournament organizers requested the postponement, and the'APT granted it, given the uncertainty associated with presence of spectators for this great premiere at United States.

Bejalcano Torre bandeja APT PAdel Paraguay Tour

It was important for the dissemination of sport on American soil to be able to ensure the presence of spectators, in one of the major events of theAPT Padel Take the Tour. The new date at the end of the summer should be able to ensure a largely improved health condition by the vaccination of the various populations.

THEAPT will nevertheless a stop at Monaco , or rather to Beausoleil for his arrival on the European continent. However, let us hope that the sanitary situation allows to organize this beautiful tournament!

Lorenzo Lecci López

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