Sometimes two very good players don't make a great team. We see this with this association which, although made up of two former members of the Top 16 and the Spanish team, did not work.

It must be said that the situation was perhaps not the best for the two women: one, Barbara, resumed at the start of the season after an operation on the anterior ligament of the right knee, the other, Victoria, experienced various physical problems which prevented her from being 100% a good part of the time. The result is clear: together, Las Heras and Iglesias will never have gone beyond the stage of the eighth in the tournaments of the Premier Padel...

In this context, and after a scathing defeat yesterday (6/0 6/1 against Brea / Gonzalez), the separation seemed inevitable. The two players have already found new partners as shown in the list of those registered for the FIP Platinum Sardegna: Victoria will team up with the powerful left-hander Marina Guinart, while Barbara will be associated with the young Agueda Perez.

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