Las Rozas Open - Ari and Paula in the final!

Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria qualified for the final of theLas Rozas Open from World Padel Tour. The two Spanish players win despite a good performance from Sainz / Gonzalez. 6/4 7/5

The first set is for Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria who show their excellent level of play this season. Bea Gonzalez rarely lets go of his spike to dynamite the opposing defense. Lucia gets underway, she is getting better and better this season, but that is not enough in the face of the efficiency of Paula and Ari: 6/4

The second set makes the game exciting. The exchanges are much longer and disputed. No one is going to give in.

The match comes alive in the second part of the second set. All four players are at their best. Gonzalez / Sainz breaks in game 7, but Josemaria / Sanchez resumes serve on the next game. Ari and Paula take the lead again. 5/4

Bea gets annoyed on the bench. Gaby Reca channels it: “We're going to do what we did to hurt them.”

This is exactly what they do on the next game. We finally find the Gala Lucia Sainz, the one who impressed us so much last season. Bea Gonzalez lights the fuse to stay in the game. Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria come up with a 0-30 in the next game. 6/5

In an extremely important game, Bea and Lucia each in turn miss an easy shot and get into big trouble. Ari and Paula do not need to be asked, they get 4 match points, and the first one is the right one! 7/5

Paula and Ari therefore offer themselves a new final on the WPT with impressive statistics in terms of winning strokes.

Bea Gonzalez and Lucia Sainz are much better, and we could quickly see them again in the Open or Master finals…

Paula Josemaria: “We were looking at our stats and we are making a lot of progress on the smash despite being short. I am very happy, because I had not been able to play the previous tournament. ”

Ari Sanchez: “We started the sets badly, but little by little we adapted to the track and we got our game back. I want to congratulate Paula who had the Covid and who comes back very strong a few days later.”

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Lorenzo Lecci Lopez