The last Open of World Padel Tour of 2020, the Cupra Las Rozas Open offered us a lot of spectacle, the proof with this Top 3 recoveries!

We told you recently, the par 3 is a lethal weapon on the World Padel Tour. However, when the defender anticipates sufficiently early, we witness magnificent counter winners !

This is the case for number 3, with Coki Nieto who finishes almost on the ground to slip the ball into the net after a par 3 from Pablo Lijo!

Number 2 is quite similar: same match but opposite diagonal, with Alex Ruiz finishing on the butt after putting Javi Rico's par 3 back into the net.

Finally, the girls show us that they are also experts in recoveries. It is the specialist in the field, Patty Llaguno, who offers us a superb dormilona on a smash in front of Martita Ortega!


Video credit: World Padel Tour

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