The Nice ASPTT is since 2014 equipped with a padel pitch. Pierrick Bihoué, athletic director Asptt Nice (tennis and paddle section) looks back on the club's adventure around the padel.

Before talking about the club, we know you from last year at the French padel championships.

I am passionate about padel. I play there once a week. I made 5e to the qualifications of the championships of France padel league Côte d'Azur league certainly the most difficult with including the pair Haziza / Scatena, Fouquet / Fouquet, Moreau / Ritz, etc. Today, there is no more pair Fouquet or pair Moreau / Ritz. Maybe I can do better later.

To return to the club, the ASPTT is a big tennis club that wanted to get into the padel ...

We have more than 500 club members, not to mention the padel players who are mainly outsiders. Nice football players come to play padel here too. They enjoy this sport because the padel is a team sport where you have to communicate.

The padel field arrived in May 2014. We can say that the idea of ​​the padel, it is me who launched it at the beginning. Although behind, it took the support of all the sports team and the town hall.

Why did you boost the padel so suddenly at the club?

First padel is a sport since 2013 in full development. We have seen the padel grow rapidly in Sophia Antipolis or Roquettan.

School reform has also been one of the reasons for our development in this sector. There are classes on Wednesday morning. As a result, the entire tennis school increased on Saturday so we needed a mini tennis court. It was therefore easier to propose a new activity especially when you have the opportunity to play 4.

We did more than 160000 € works with the padel. And it is the padel that allowed us to finance the renovation of the structure and the installation of the land.

With a padel pitch, have you managed to build a base of players?

Many people come once a week. This is more padel players - hobby. Competitors play by moment here, but with a field, we remain for the moment still a little limited. But it is mainly padel / leisure. Few competitors come here.

Do you think a second course would be possible at ASPTT NICE?

Even if we wanted it, it would not be possible to install another padel pitch, because tennis remains the main activity and we have 7 beautiful beaten earth.

We will stay for a while at least on a field, which is already very good to discover this sport and have fun!

Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine

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