The 27 and 28 February, it was the turn of the women's troupes Marseillaises, Nice and Perpignan to confirm their hand on the hexagonal padel.

If in boys the resistance has been rather well organized during the last two years, it must be admitted that among girls everything remains to be done once the door of Aix. And landing with the big artillery, not less than 5 members of the French team on 7, the risk of unpleasant surprises was more than limited ...

Although we did not have a North / South battle for the final victory, a real desire to progress and to compete with the best was palpable, and the Lyon passion for the padel was again illustrated.

On Saturday two elite hens composed of the best seeded 6 were formed. In the first, after lamenting the sickness package for local 1 Naomie Bearcroft / Julie Ravier, the French champions Laura Clergue / Audrey Casanova are respected by the experienced and future heads of the paddle Lyonnais Virginie Pironneau and Carol Ann Lovera .

In the second pool, Line Meites / Mai Vo confirm their progress by finishing ahead of Géraldine Sorel / Sandy Godard and Lise Franc / Anaïse Rivière. The latter is also showing courage and exemplary respect for the organization by fighting the flu in addition to its opponents.

The two qualifying pools consisted of local and southern competitors. If the pair stamped "muy bonita" sisters Lugdivine Fontana / Emmanuelle Buttin made speak the powder loudly to qualify, Leticia Martinez / Laeticia Lamothe will have difficulty adapting in the indoor battlefield where the mortar shipments at altitude usually decisive outside clash here with the structure .... Local teams, Aude Durand / Marie Grang, Chantale Ferrando / Eva Strobel (15ans, benjamin of the test ) complete the quarterfinal table showing a great potential !

On Sunday, after an unbalanced first match but rewarding for the losers, the 4 best pairs are found for revenge the day before the semi finals. At the top of the table Clergue / Casanova facing Pironneau / Lovera confirm in two sets hung 6 / 4 6 / 4.

In the other semi final, the gunboats of Perpignan Meites / Vo ensure the show but come up against the quiet strength of Sorel / Godard who offer a revenge of the final of the championships of France disputed here even last October.

As at home in Lyon, Clergue / Casanova approach this final with confidence. Opposite, Sorel / Godard are determined to stop the series of defeats in progress against their opponents. Unfortunately, an "already seen" scenario will be repeated. The match is balanced but Laura and Audrey break at the end of each end of the set to win a new title (7 / 5 6 / 4) and retain their unbeaten record in Lyonnaise (3 wins in 3 contested tournaments).

After two days of competitions full of smiles and good humor, no one doubts that women's padel has a bright future ahead of it, provided that all its players play the game to the full: clubs, players and federation. The Padel Club de Lyon, as the organizing club of its first female tournament, sets the tone and leaves no doubt as to the importance to be given to female padel in France!

Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Hériard - Padel Magazine

Jerome Becasset

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