The padel player and representative Head Laurent de Barbeyrac took advantage of the confinement to launch a little song, with his guitar, unpretentious!

Current 38th in the FFT padel ranking, the HEAD representative Laurent de Barbeyrac, is, in addition to being a padel fan, a great music lover. Those who know him know that he never hesitate to take out his guitar and push the song in the evening. He therefore took advantage of the calm of confinement to work his compositions a bit.

So the one whose artist name is “Lo'Bey”, recorded his first song: Dance of the World. A title with a message committed to the fight to save the planet. Laurent does not take himself seriously but that does not prevent him from doing things well.

We also remember that he had shared the padel track with a certain Eyal Bensimon. From there to imagine one day a Eyal / Lo'Bey? Case to follow…

In the meantime, for those who would like to see the clip, we leave the song just below, and we welcome the initiative! If you like, go to like his Facebook page HERE 😉

credit: YouTube Lo'Bey

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