Laurent Maistret (TV presenter) from Team Bleu Laura Clergue gave us a few minutes to tell us about the event of the All Star Remontada for the Betclic Remontada Padel.

Fan of padel

I played tennis for fun and I have a friend who plays a lot of tennis. padel. He introduced me to this sport, in a club in Thiais. I always told myself that I would give it a try padel. And once I tested the padel, I was hooked straight away!

I haven't had the opportunity to play tournaments yet, but I would love to. The first times I played padel, I had a little difficulty finding my place, if I wanted to play on the right or on the left. At first I didn't care a bit, it didn't really matter to me, but in reality I quickly realized that I was more comfortable on the right. We know that the tactician is often more to the right and the “showman” more to the left. But I like having both roles.

Improving your practice

I actively follow the sport on social networks, I watch and I also learn through tutorials to improve my technique and my position. I learned to understand the windows in the field, I try to be calm. We don't need to rush the ball and run in all directions. You just have to have a sense of direction, like in billiards, you anticipate where the ball is going to go. With practice and habit you learn to tame the windows.

Play at padel filming

I was on a shoot which had just ended in Malaga, “Les Apprentis Champions”, and as soon as we had a free moment or a day off we all went to play padel.

Want to play with Laura Clergue, her captain

I would like to interact more with Laura and play some matches with her. When you play with a professional player like her and with her experience as a Canal + consultant... I'm sure she would help me improve enormously. Do not hesitate to test the padel, once we play we're all in, we don't stop!

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