Only a few more days before the World Padel Tour regain its rights in Madrid. On this occasion, the YouTube account of the reference circuit posted a online clip. But rather than putting a celebrity in the spotlight, the WPT chose to exhibit Juan Carlos Martín Díaz, 201st player in the world!

6 tournaments, 6 losses, no wins

“I play on the same circuit as Salazar, Tapia, Lima, Bela, Sanyo, Paquito or Marrero. But when my tournament ends, these geniuses have not yet arrived at their hotel ”. From the first seconds of this promotional clip, “Carlitos” Díaz (not to be confused with his almost namesake Juan Martín Díaz, former world number 1) testifies to the difference in world that separates him from the world top. “In 2020, Galán and Lebrón won 6 tournaments out of 11. Me, I played 6 and I did not win a match.“, He continues. A priori, it looks like flogging ... But it is to better convey the message of the WPT.


Like in a dream

For him, as for a lot of people, 2020 has not been a fabulous year. 2021 must mark a revival, the end of restrictions and confinement. Carlitos Díaz and the WPT are in exactly this dynamic: “This year is going to be magical”. In the streets of Madrid, large posters encourage Díaz, the first surprised by these messages. At the microphone of Radio Marca, Pablo Lima evokes his association with Agustín Tapia but also… of Díaz who cannot get over the wheel of his car! Then it was Ale Salazar and Paquito Navarro's turn to motivate him. “Where dreams are born” is the slogan of this very successful campaign.

New start

For the World Padel Tour, this offbeat initiative is a way of announcing the great return to competition after a particularly complex year 2020 in terms of organization. The renewal of pairs, both for men and women, promises an exciting 2021 season. But it is perhaps also a message that he is addressing to himself, especially in relation to the competition from the APT which has already started hostilities.

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