For several years now, we have seen that professional coaches and players create content for amateur players. We can think of the well-known coaches such as Mauri Andrini, Manu Martin, and Juan Alday, or even players like Paquito Navarro!

Online training, the future of padel

In this very complicated year due to the global pandemic, content creators have been forced to reinvent themselves even more, finding new new tools for teaching padel for amateurs, a new way of doing business in the padel.

Projects like Hello Padel Academy by Mauri Andrini, or the Black Crown Academy, platforms and applications for fans of this sport, are very successful. Both are specialists in video tutorials, a fairly short format so that the user does not get drowned in information. Just what you need to learn without getting bored!

Interest in brands

We hope that the brands are betting on media figures in addition to the Top WPT players. It is interesting for them to gain visibility thanks to social networks like Instagram, Twitter YouTube and today online training.

Black Crown Academy and Hello Padel Academy have managed to attract the attention not only of fans of padel, But also coaches wanting to learn new things, and even top players looking to revise their classics! Brands like Head ou Black Crown support these projects because the return on investment is completely assured.


The future of sport in general?

It is questionable whether the padel will launch a new trend over time, if this new business born in the padel it will also be for other sports. There are obviously similar things in other sports, we remember old videos of Rafa Nadal and his coach Toni Nadal. But today the public may be looking for different, more condensed, more specialized content, which is done in the padel. There is a chance that this time it will be our sport that launches the fashion, based on three fundamental pillars:

  • A global presence
  • Cheap courses, or even free in the case of Black Crown Academy
  • Available in many languages ​​(English, Spanish, French ...)

Let us not forget that the padel remains a physical sport, and that in addition to this new form of learning, it is imperative to go to the field to put all the knowledge into practice!






Ianiv Vodovosoff

Ianiv is Andalusian. He is passionate about padel for over 10 years but also in marketing. Compare, study, link sport to marketing, such is its niche.