Arturo Coello and Javi Garrido won the 23 Spanish Under-2021 Championship in the final against Miguel Yanguas and Ivan Ramirez.

It was a dream final for these Spanish Under 23 Championships, with 4 players from the Top 50 of the World Padel Tour ! Finally, these are the favorites, Arturo Coello (22 WPT) and Javi Garrido (34 WPT), who beat Ivan Ramirez (30 WPT) / Miguel Yanguas (46 WPT): 6/3 6/4.

Among the girls, in a final also stamped WPT, they are Bea Gonzalez (9 WPT) and Bea Caldera (48 WPT) who won the competition, beating Julia Polo (58 WPT) and Patricia Martinez (55 WPT) in the final. The “Beas” won by the same score as Coello and Lamperti: 6 / 3 6 / 4.

winners of the spanish championship -23 years 2021

Note that the two winning pairs will not have lost a set of the tournament, enough to fill up with confidence before their entries in the main draw of the World Padel Tour Valladolid Master !


source: FEP

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