After the American epic, where however the International Paddle Federation (FIP) had validated, confirmed, and communicated on Miami for the 2015 padel world championship, it is finally Malaga that is chosen thus making a snub to the others postulant cities, especially Miami.

It must be said that the case of padel world championships has become quite a story.

WPT, PPT, fep, FEP, FIP?

Between the Padel Pro Tour (PPT), World Padel Tour (WPT), the International Federation of Padel (FIP), the Spanish Federation of Padel (FEP) and the European Federation of padel, it becomes very complicated to know who does what.

Without going into detail that is not so interesting that we try to make a point about the various institutions.

First of all, the World Padel Tour (WPT) is a bit like the padel of ATP tennis. The WPT is the professional padel circuit as are ATP tennis tournaments. The WPT is a private institution that looks like a franchise. To make a World Padel Tour tournament, you must pay at least the tidy sum of 150 000 € (for a stage). It exists like in tennis, different types of tournaments WPT to know the challengers since this year which are pro tournaments but where the best players do not participate, the WPT stages and finally the rank Master (as is the one of the Monte Carlo Master next September).

The Padel Pro Tour (PPT) was the professional tour of reference a few years ago. But there was until 2013 a war between the WPT and the PPT. This war has continued in the courts. It's the PPT that won. Problem, the WPT had meanwhile become the reference of the professional circuit. Finally, the PPT and the WPT basically merged by dividing roles.

The Spanish Federation is obviously the most impressive Federation since it counts millions of licensees and has become more important than the Spanish Tennis Federation. But that's another debate. Its ambition is to establish itself as the Federation of reference on the world plan which obviously is not the taste of the International Padel Federation.

Meanwhile, a few years ago, a new Federation was born: The European Padel Federation. An open conflict therefore opens up between this new European Federation and the FIP. Reason invoked by the EFF: The FIP would not be legitimate.

Last quack: Miami is grilled politeness by Malaga and PPT

Last January, a thunderclap in Miami: The Padel Pro Tour challenges the padel world championships in Miami, while the FIP has already communicated and validated this venue. How did we get there ?

The TPP became at least for this year the organizing company of these world championships. She considers that she has not been consulted for this award. It also recalls that it is contractually bound to the FIP. It is he (the PPT) who is supposed to be in the front positions for the world championships until 2017.

In January, the PPT surprises FIP by canceling the awarding of the padel world championships in Miami.

3 months later, the PPT finally formalizes the awarding of the padel world championships on the lands of the famous player Caroline Navarro: Malaga.

The competition will take place from 9 to 15 November 2015.

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