When the 2024 calendar of Premier Padel came out, some players were disappointed to see that Valladolid, the hometown of one Arturo Coello, did not have a premier tournament this season. To console the fans a little, the FIP had decided to organize a FIP Tour Platinum, but now we learn that the competition has been upgraded to become a Premier Padel P2! The tournament will take place from September 16 to 22 indoors at the “Polideportivo Pisuerga”, and it replaces the German P2 in the calendar, which is postponed to 2025.

For lovers of the Plaza Mayor, don't panic since this place should host the competition in 2025.

In addition, the CUPRA FIP Tour will include another tournament in Sardinia, the FIP Platinum Sardegna which will take place in Cagliari from July 15 to 21, the week preceding the final phase of the European Championships. Padel FIP in the same city (July 22-28).

Other changes have been made to the 2024 season calendar:

  • The Genova tournament Premier Padel P2 will now take place July 2-7, 2024 (not July 15-21).
  • Le Premier Padel NewGiza P1 (October 21-27) becomes a P2 category event.
  • Le Premier Padel P2 in Germany, initially scheduled for September 16-22, 2024, is postponed to the 2025 season.

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