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Five-a-side football focuses on padel

4 Padel of the Five group, Urban padel of the Urban Soccer group, Z5 Padel of Zidane… The majority of 5-a-side football structures choose the padel to diversify their activity. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

A similar model

5-a-side football and padel have an almost identical model in management. The structure needs the infrastructure, changing rooms, a small bar / restaurant, a shop… For both activities, everything that happens around is similar.

The only difference is the terrain! For football 5, a 700m2 field for 10 people (i.e. 70m2 per person). For the padel a land of 200m2 for 4 people (i.e. 50m2 per person). If we imagine that the hour of padel and the hour of 5-a-side football cost the same per person, the padel is therefore more profitable because it occupies less space.

We see that this phenomenon is not simply French. In L'episode 1 of Padel Investigation, the director of More Padel Catania explained to us that many 5-a-side football pitches had been replaced by padel, because more profitable!

An activity developed by the private sector

Even though FFT is working more and more on the development of padel, and the increase in the number of structures, padel lives in France thanks to its private clubs.

The big five-a-side football groups have already launched the machine. They know how to engage in this kind of structure. They are therefore important players in the development of padel in France, because their football activity gives them the means to invest in this new discipline.

After groups like 4Padel have taken on great importance in France, other players want to be inspired by this model. We think in particular of Zinedine Zidane, a great follower of the sport since his many years in Madrid, who will very soon open the Z5 Padel, a Z5 subsidiary in Aix-en-Provence.

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Lorenzo Lecci Lopez