The second edition of the Greenweez Paris Major ended this Sunday. The opportunity for us to look back on this superb competition, with ten photos taken by us during the tournament.

The title and number 1 place for Coello

Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia can be satisfied. The two best players since the start of the season win at Roland-Garros and the Spaniard becomes the new number 1 in the FIP ranking!

The public will have responded

A successful bet for the organization of this Greenweez Paris Major 2023 since no less than 37 people came to see the best players in the world at work at Roland-Garros !

Forever the first

Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria can be satisfied. World number 1s become the first two players to win a tournament padel professional at Roland-Garros!

A Lyonnaise makes Paris rise

Alix Collombon will have brought the crowds to their feet in Paris. The Lyonnaise and her partner managed to reach the quarter-finals of the competition. The best French player is once again the satisfaction of the tournament on the French side. We even think we've heard a few “He who doesn't jump isn't from Lyon!” in the audience.

The sun was out all week

The weather will have been very nice and very hot this week in the French capital. Enough to delight the smashers on the track, and the public who had fun watching the matches, but also in the aisles of the Stade Roland-Garros.

The French will have suffered

Like Julien Seurin and Manuel Vives, beaten in three sets in the first round of qualifying, the French will have given everything in this “Roland-Garros du padel”, but they had a lot of difficulty bringing back victories, yet sometimes failing at little.

The pickers of padel concentrated

We don't forget the pickers padel, who will have had work during this second edition of the Greenweez Paris Major.

Arnaud Di Pasquale can savor

The Tournament Director can savor: the 2023 edition was a success with more than 50% more spectators compared to 2022!

The roof of the Central closed

The roof of Philippe-Chatrier closed, not because of rain, but because of the heat. The players, not used to facilities of this level, were mostly impressed when they saw the roof close before their eyes.

Le padel-armchair was also present

We are talking about it more and more: the padel-armchair is a booming sport in France. What could be more natural than seeing the best athletes in the discipline at work at Roland-Garros during an exhibition.

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