Le software de match creation and search for partners Advantage-padel.net decides to involve all lovers of padel in its planetary launch. Why not you ?

A few weeks ago, Advantage-padel. Net announced the opening of its system tointernational and in English. Today, wherever you are in the world, with your player account, you can participate in open matches at your level, in the clubs listed on the site.

In order to help players (and clubs) easily find new partners, the community of enthusiasts needs to be larger. And this is where we wanted to come from!

Wherever you are in the world, in Latin America, in Asia, in Europe or elsewhere, if you like this magnificent sport that is the padel, and that you find that your surrounding clubs need a helping hand in organizing matches and finding new players, you are the ideal person.

Get in touch with Avantage-padel and you will be informed.

Mail : contact @ advantage-padel. Net

WhatsApp : +34 634 62 79 43

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife. He is the founder of AvantagePadel.net, a software very popular with clubs and players of padel. Columnist and advisor, he helps you to play better through his many tutorials padel.