Since its introduction in 2019, with only one land at the time, the padel has experienced exponential growth in Madagascar. Today, in 2024, the country now has ten clubs dedicated to this exciting sport, reflecting its growing adoption by snowshoe enthusiasts.

Le MPPtour made his entrance onto the scene padel Malagasy in July 2023, with the main objective of increasing the volume of tournaments in the country and raising the level of play through various initiatives. Under the dynamic leadership of Gary Ah-Waye and Sébastien Andriantsoa, ​​the co-founders of the circuit, the MPPtour embodies a young and innovative vision of sport.

In order to promote the padel, the MPPtour relies on the use of modern tools such as live broadcasts on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. A first ranking platform was also launched in Madagascar, marking significant progress in the structuring of the padel on the island.

With 21 tournaments organized each year, the MPPtour has grandiose ambitions, in particular that of organizing international meetings to highlight local talent and encourage exchanges with foreign players.

As part of its efforts to raise the level of play, the MPPtour recently welcomed coach Julien Bondia for a period of three weeks. This initiative aims to enrich the knowledge of local competitors and instructors, thus strengthening Madagascar's place on the international scene of padel.

The MPPTour not only embodies the passion for padel, but also the spirit of collaboration and community development. By working with local clubs and providing a platform for emerging talent, the MPPTour is committed to shaping the future of padel in Madagascar and beyond. Through this initiative, the Malagasy Pro Padel Tour aspires to strengthen ties between local clubs and inspiring a new generation of athletes.

Le padel in Madagascar is booming, driven by the dynamism of MPPtour and the commitment of an entire community of enthusiasts. This meteoric rise suggests a promising future for this sport which is attracting more and more fans across the Red Island.

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