This time, Padel market plays Tinder while trying to find the best candidate to replace Juan lebron next to Paquito Navarro.

These last few hours have been particularly eventful with the confirmed separation of super kids, the announcement of the new pair Juan LeBron / Martin Di Nenno and the possible new association between Franco Stupaczuk and Mike Yanguas (or paul cardona).

In the middle of this storm, we almost forget poor Paquito Navarro who doesn't seem not yet having found the right shoe. This is where Padel Intelligence comes into play and tries to find the best match possible for the Andalusian.

Paquito Navarro: an atypical left-wing player

At the start of the season, we cannot say that Paquito Navarro is a left-wing player like the others. Indeed, the Andalusian does not really have the same stats asAle Galan, Agustin Tapia or, Franco Stupaczuz...

According to the graphs of Padel Intelligence, we quickly realize that Paquito Navarro is not the most aggressive or decisive player.

On the other hand, he is a player who commits very few unforced errors and who stands out for his consistency... in short, Paco is a real metronome. In his playing style he is more like a Momo Gonzalez than an Ale Galan, for example.

Paquito Navarro Stats
Stats other left players

A left-handed partner, the best alternative?

To increase Paquito Navarro's offensive output, a left-handed player would then be a very interesting option.

Among the three most interesting options for Paco, we find Arturo Coello, who is hard to see leaving Tapia for Paquito, paul cardona, also very powerful but who makes many more mistakes, or even Jon sanz, less powerful but still a little more aggressive than Paquito.

Otherwise, to get a more balanced team way Chingalan, Paquito should pair up with Miguel Yanguas. However, such a team would cause the pair to lose offensive potential and Mike is already announced with Stupa…

The possibilities on the right for Paquito Navarro
Comparison to Chingalan

So, do you see Paquito Navarro with any of these players? Or do you think the Andalusian should try the adventure again on the right?

Gwenaelle Souyri

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